Coinbase expands its horizon: Introducing BTC and ETH futures for institutions

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  • As of June 5, institutional clients of Coinbase Derivatives Exchange will have access to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) futures trading.
  • Futures contracts for institutional investors will expire monthly and be valued at 1 BTC or 10 ETH. 
  • Early adopters could get incentive packages and lower exchange fees. 

Coinbase, one of the most popular places to buy and sell cryptos, just made an exciting statement about the world of digital assets. The company stated that it wants to start a derivatives market that will offer BTC and ETH futures contracts to institutional investors. 

This is another step Coinbase is taking to grow its services and provide a complete platform for individual and institutional investors in the crypto market.

Coinbase’s derivative products

Coinbase’s introduction of a derivatives exchange is aimed at luring large institutions that need complex financial instruments to handle their crypto exposure. Investors can speculate on BTC and ETH price swings using futures contracts without possessing either. With this method, financial institutions can protect themselves from market fluctuations while still having the opportunity to make a profit.

Contract sizes for the futures market will be 1 Bitcoin and 10 Ether. The firm claims its large institutional contracts provide clients with “unparalleled accuracy” in risk management.

The fees that Coinbase will be charging are “significantly lower,” the company added. Most of the company’s revenue comes from the spot trading exchange’s relatively high transaction fees.

Contracts for the future purchase or sale of crypto at an agreed-upon price and delivery date are known as futures contracts. The company noted that the contracts are meant to fit with traders’ existing strategies because of their monthly expiration, USD settlement, and availability through major institutional FCMs and brokers.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled its new derivatives market, “Coinbase International Exchange.”

Following the approval of a Bermuda operating license, the offshore exchange was started. It is the latest attempt by the corporation to separate itself from the unfriendly atmosphere in the United States.

Earlier, the CFTC issued advice noting that it is paying particular attention to developing dangers in crypto. Before adding: “We observe growing registration activity for clearing of crypto-commodity futures and note that several suggested models follow a non-intermediated market structure,” Commissioner Kristin Johnson stated: “

“These crypto-commodity derivatives clearing models might not be subject to the most stringent regulatory standards unless we introduce parallel regulation,”

For a very long time, Coinbase has been dedicated to upholding user security and complying with all applicable laws. The corporation will abide by stringent regulatory standards with the derivatives exchange to maintain investor protection and the market’s integrity. 

Coinbase aims to gain institutional investors’ trust and draw them to its platform by providing these futures contracts within a regulated environment.

Positive effects on the crypto system

The new derivatives products will be available as monthly expiring USD-settled index futures. One Bitcoin or Ether is represented by one BTI or ETI contract. In the event of a hard fork, Coinbase has announced that the new token will not be put into the Index until it becomes the “dominant coin.” 

Due to increasing interest from institutional customers, the platform now offers futures contracts on BTC and ETH. Nano Bitcoin futures contracts were made available to Coinbase Derivatives Exchange retail customers in June 2022. Then, in August of 2022, micro Ether futures were introduced.

Introducing Coinbase’s derivatives exchange will have broader effects on the entire BTC ecosystem. By bringing in more liquidity, enhancing price discovery processes, and lowering market volatility, institutional investors’ involvement in the derivatives market can help the crypto business mature.

Additionally, the accessibility of these futures contracts would facilitate the incorporation of Bitcoin and Ether into established financial frameworks, thus paving the way for expanded usage and acceptance.

The introduction of a derivatives exchange by Coinbase, which will provide BTC and ETH futures for institutional investors, is a significant event in the crypto market. The company’s intention to increase its offerings, attract institutional investors, and help the digital asset market mature is demonstrated by this action. With each new feature and attentiveness to customer feedback, Coinbase strengthens its position as a frontrunner in the crypto business.

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