Coinbase subsidiary expands its operations to Singapore, applying AML projects

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• TRUST by Coinbase meets the demands of crypto regulators
• The crypto company increases its figure to 30 partners

Recently, the main crypto company in the United States, Coinbase, showed its participation in TRUST. This company is dedicated to preventing problems in the virtual industry, such as money laundering and illegal crypto operations. According to reports, TRUST renewed its operations, reaching 30 companies and increasing its participation in countries like Singapore.

Crypto trading gets a reprieve after major tokens like Bitcoin lost over 20 percent of their capital to regulations. TRUST could be a key piece for crypto regulation, and more with the reforms, it has been building in recent weeks.

Coinbase TRUST advances its AML projects


Tech company TRUST appears to move ahead with its crypto projects after the industry saw a decline in the value of its coins. TRUST, a crypto company formed by Coinbase, Gemini, BitGo, and other renowned companies in the market, reactivates its operations after almost a year without announcing its projects.

The firm would be coming to Singapore, where crypto operations have increased radically in recent months. The Coinbase subsidiary has plans to reach Canada without forgetting its goal of reaching the EU.

While TRUST accomplishes that purpose, it is not limited to trading with Binance US, Paxos, and Robinhood to prevent money laundering. Until now, this company is only open to transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum through the ERC-20 network.

TRUST would comply with the regulators in FATF, where the main crypto companies must have a scheme to control AML. Know that money laundering in cryptos is partially increasing as the virtual market increases in popularity.

Balance Company talks about its partnership with TRUST


The CEO of the Canadian crypto company, Balance, said he has no doubts about the solutions provided by TRUST from Coinbase. The chief of operations admits that his confidence in TRUST is high, which is why they will work on his side.

But sFOX Managing Director Mannino John believes that TRUST solves regulatory problems in the US and countries in Europe. Mannino also believes that crypto trading has many problems, but these will be solved by developing new technologies, such as Coinbase’s TRUST.

TRUST shares a comprehensive list of members, including Coinhako, BitGo, Binance, Zero Hash, Kraken, Circle, Bittrex, Voyager, and Gemini. Crypto trading is going through a bearish streak where Bitcoin loses prestige by trading below $30,000. However, it is a streak that will evaporate when regulations in the US ease. TRUST could continue to advance its projects during 2022 as more people get involved in the crypto market.

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