Coinbase Co-founder embraces Bitcoin Lightning to propel mainstream adoption

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Stands Firm Amidst SEC Lawsuit, Staking Service to Continue


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  • Coinbase commits to embracing Bitcoin Lightning, enhancing its potential for mainstream use.
  • Armstrong refutes neglect claims, highlighting Coinbase’s substantial Bitcoin onboarding efforts.
  • Dorsey initially criticizes, but later shows willingness to collaborate with Coinbase on Lightning.

Coinbase Co-founder Brian Armstrong announced the company’s intention to embrace Bitcoin Lightning, further bolstering Bitcoin’s potential as a mainstream payment option. Armstrong’s statement came in response to accusations that Coinbase had ignored Bitcoin’s Layer 2 technology, the Lightning Network.

“We’re investigating the most efficient means of incorporating Lightning,” said Armstrong. “It’s not easy, but it’s work I believe you should put in. Bitcoin as a mainstream payment option has my full support.”

Armstrong vehemently denied the allegations of negligence towards Bitcoin, emphasizing that Coinbase had onboarded more people to Bitcoin than arguably any other firm worldwide.

The Lightning Network is a significant milestone towards Bitcoin’s broader adoption, promising quicker and cheaper transactions. Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter and a vocal Bitcoin advocate, expressed initial discontent over Coinbase’s shift in focus to the Lightning Network. Dorsey quickly criticized, asking why they continued to ignore Bitcoin and Lightning.

Nonetheless, Dorsey later extended an olive branch, recognizing Coinbase’s contributions to the Bitcoin community and expressing a willingness to collaborate. “Many folks got their first taste of Bitcoin via Coinbase,” he said. “And for that, I am thankful. We think it’s fantastic that you’re putting so much effort into Bitcoin and layer 2 technologies, and we’d love to work with you.”

The ultimate goal, as shared by both Armstrong and Dorsey, is a decentralized, censorship-free, and open system for transferring monetary value—an ideal closely aligned with the principles behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Incorporating the Lightning Network into Coinbase’s operations could significantly enhance Bitcoin’s utility and accessibility. As a Layer 2 solution, the Lightning Network allows faster and cheaper transactions, effectively addressing some of the scalability issues Bitcoin has faced.

The news of Coinbase’s active exploration of Lightning technology has sparked interest within the cryptocurrency community. Such a move can bring Bitcoin closer to its vision of becoming a widely accepted means of payment for everyday transactions.

While challenges lie ahead in incorporating Lightning into Coinbase’s infrastructure, Armstrong’s commitment to putting in the necessary work demonstrates the company’s dedication to advancing the adoption of Bitcoin.

As the industry continues to evolve, a collaboration between prominent players like Coinbase and influential figures like Dorsey could prove vital in realizing the potential of decentralized digital currencies.

The joint efforts of Coinbase and proponents like Dorsey indicate a growing momentum toward the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and its underlying technology. As the crypto community eagerly awaits further developments, the future of Bitcoin as a mainstream payment option appears more promising than ever.

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