Coinbase-backed Base mainnet launches: accelerating blockchain transactions and slashing costs

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  • Coinbase’s Base mainnet enhances transaction speed and cost efficiency on Layer 2.
  • Base utilizes Optimism’s OP Stack to offer faster and more affordable transactions.
  • Rigorous security measures were implemented for the Base’s mainnet release.

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency firm Coinbase has announced that developers can now access the mainnet for Base, a Layer 2 network, to enhance transaction speed and cost efficiency.

The project, backed by Coinbase and set to be publicly launched in early August, recently transitioned from its testnet phase to provide developers with the tools necessary for app deployment.

Built on Optimism’s OP Stack software stack, Base introduces a roll-up network that performs off-chain calculations, resulting in faster and more affordable transactions without compromising the mainnet’s security. By leveraging this technology, Base offers a scalable solution to alleviate network congestion and high gas fees commonly associated with Ethereum (ETH).

Before the mainnet release, the Base core team undertook rigorous internal and external security assessments to safeguard the network and the Optimism Protocol Stack (OP Stack). Coinbase’s protocol specialists collaborated with over 100 independent security researchers during extensive audits, reinforcing the project’s commitment to robust security measures.

The Base mainnet is now home to various development tools, fostering a conducive environment for developers to create and innovate. Notable examples include Blockdaemon, QuickNode, and Blast, reliable node providers to ensure a seamless user experience.

Additionally, the Safe Wallet provides users with a secure storage solution for their digital assets. For exploration purposes, developers can utilize block explorers such as Etherscan and Blockscout to navigate the Base network efficiently. To further enhance data accessibility, The Graph and Covalent act as data indexers, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and integration.

Interestingly, despite the growing trend of native tokens accompanying new blockchain projects, the Base team has made it clear that they have no plans to introduce a native token for their network. Instead, they focus on providing an optimized infrastructure for seamless decentralized application (dApp) development.

During the testnet phase, Base witnessed an impressive surge in user adoption, with over a million wallet addresses actively participating on the network. This encouraging response highlights the anticipation surrounding the project’s upcoming public release in August.

By eliminating the limitations posed by Ethereum’s mainnet, Base is poised to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem by empowering developers to build scalable, efficient, and user-friendly dApps. With its commitment to security, innovative design, and notable industry partnerships, Base’s imminent public launch marks an exciting milestone in Layer 2 networks, bolstering the broader adoption of decentralized technologies.

The availability of the Base developer mainnet signifies a significant step forward for the project, opening doors for developers to harness the network’s capabilities and create impactful applications.

As the public launch approaches, the anticipation surrounding the Base continues to mount, heralding a new era of enhanced transactional efficiency and accessibility within the blockchain space.

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