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Coin360 has a solution for you after you’ve tracked the price of your favorite digital assets and ended up frustrated. The digital money market is highly volatile and keeping tabs with the dynamic price fluctuations can at times be hard. 

Coin360 is a highly interactive platform that allows you to track crypto market capitalization, exchange performance, and price swings. This is an ideal one-stop-shop for any crypto goer. Whichever digital coin you are interested in, you can monitor it in real-time through the ecosystems auto-update feature, anytime, anywhere.

Photo credit: Coin360Ardent cryptocurrency holders and traders love monitoring the digital money market 24/7. They want to be the first to know of any price changes for them to buy or sell depending on the coin in their watch list.

Here is a review of Coin360 and the benefits it offers the user.

Coin360 Overview

Coin360 entered the market in 2017 and has been gaining popularity as a resource in the digital money market sector. Since its inception, the platform has continued to offer extraordinary services in the crypto sphere.

The platform is highly interactive and the dashboard layout quite enticing. It presents a wide choice of coins and tokens that you can toggle and get in-depth analysis performance in real-time.  The tree-like map Coin360 dashboard has all the major coins. You can zoom in or out to select individual coins and view their performance up close.

The platform allows website owners to add their price, market capitalization and exchange performance widget on their cryptocurrency niche sites. This helps visitors monitor crypto market performance.  These prices are streamed live and are trusted across the globe.

What services does Coin360 offer?

Coin360 has two tools or features; the tracker and the filter. The tracker is very instrumental in checking currency movements. It also helps in analyzing the MCAP and pull individual currency transaction volumes in the market.

The platform has a filter that comes with a widget that dictates which coin or token is displayed. With this tool, you are able to filter coins and display what you need in the Coin360 map.

Key Coin360 Benefits to Users

The Coin360 portal discerns its users due to its simplicity. You can identify all coins and tokens at a glance. New users can easily navigate the platform.

Users can customize the system to display what they are interested in. The involvement adds to the user experience. You do not have to display what you do not need.

Multiple coins and tokens are clearly displayed. You have all global coins on one page to choose the one you are interested in.

The price, volume, and MCAP displays are easily noticeable even with the slightest rate or volume change. All appreciating assets are in green and those headed south are in red.

Coin360 provides crypto exchange data in real-time. The platform’s infographics are designed to inform crypto users about market trends. You can decide to monitor select coins or tokens. From a single point, you are able to get information on MCAP, ranking, circulating supply, maximum supply and volumes of individual coins or tokens in the last 24 hours.

The platform helps users zero in on a specific exchange and view reported volumes, 30-day volumes, changes in the last 24 hours, maker and taker trading fees. You can also dig deep and get active markets in terms of popular trading pairs.

For the hawk-eyed trader, the platform offers a watch list service. You can view the top ten or fifty coins and tokens in the market at a glance.  This makes it easy for the user to note which coins and tokens are gaining or losing.

Coin360 has a Liquidity Book feature that helps traders and investors monitor the most appropriate liquidity for select transaction amounts. This helps traders determine the most profitable exchange in the market at any given time.

The liquidity book only shows the current exchange rates. Since prices change in seconds, the feature might not be very reliable. However, you can make decisions based on exchange rates in the last 24 trading hours. This works well for the speculative trader.

Image Credit: Coin360

From the chart above, it is easy to see that Hitbtc BTC price is favorable and as a trader, you can sell high and go to Bitfinex for example and buy low and make some profits off the trade transaction.

How does Coin360 customer support work?

At the moment, you can only reach the Coin360 customer support team through email. They do not have a chat channel but you can follow them on Twitter and Telegram for news and platform updates. You can contact them via Telegram chat and get a response fast. https://t.me/COIN360com

Pros and Cons


Coin360 is a user-friendly platform that provides fast and useful data for the crypto investor and trader.  It helps investors make real-time crypto trading decisions.

It gives users the freedom to filter digital coins and tokens they are interested in. This way, you only view data that fits your parameters and saves you time on sieving through the entire market data.

Helps monitor price, market capitalization and crypto exchange performance changes every 24 hours.

Coin360 platform supports all digital currencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

Anyone across the globe can use the tool to monitor price movement from across the globe.


The system cannot detect market manipulation.


Coin360 is a very resourceful platform for the crypto goer and analysts. However, its simplicity means anyone can use the resource to make informed decisions while investing in the crypto-verse. The easy to manipulate data allows you to customize your coins and tokens to meet your needs.


  1.   Do I need to open an account with Coin360?

No, you do not have to open an account on the platform. All you need is to visit their official website and head to the tool you need to use

  1.   Are Coin360 services free?

Yes, if you only want to track your favorite coins or tokens the platform does not charge you any access fee. The services are free

  1.   Does Coin360 send users notifications when the market rates change?

Coin360 does not send notifications on rate changes. However, you can join their telegram channel or follow them on Twitter for the platforms’ latest updates.

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