Cloudflare grants public access to Ethereum and IPFS gateways


  • Cloudflare announces consumer access for IPFS and Ethereum Gateways
  • The organization aims at increasing usability and efficiency with these new products.
  • Existing and new customers of Cloudflare will benefit from an enhanced working model.

In a recent development, the renowned web infrastructure platform, Cloudflare has issued support for the development and deployment of Ethereum. The platform has issued consumer access via Ethereum and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) Gateways. It is the first time that the platform has made its gateways available to the public. It has been receiving great response and acknowledgment over its private beta that was launched in September last year.

However, through this recent development, Cloudflare aims at making its tools available to more and more developers. Now, any user of Cloudflare can log in and access a zone for IPFS, Ethereum, or even both of them. The company further reported that it has been trying to make its gateways operable for the last eight months. They were able to do so, and the organization believes that this new model will meet the requirements of all their consumers.

Cloudflare continues to empower a range of blockchain applications

Source: cloudflare

The company further reported that it built a new API with hostname deployment. It is proving to be a major breakthrough for several blockchain-based applications, as they create and manage gateways rather easily. The process of gateway creation has become more smooth, and it will facilitate the scaling of an application. As a result, the consumer can integrally focus more on their products and services, as Cloudflare will take care of its infrastructural components.

In another major development, the company was also able to integrate web3 features into its dashboard. Through UI and API, it can fit into any organization or application. The integration of the web infrastructure provider has become simpler. Therefore, more diversified blockchain applications can connect to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare offers more feasibility for its customers

Cloudflare has offered testnet support to its customers. Users can easily test their new development. Moreover, the development can be hardened and integrated into the mainnet without any fuss. Through an effective model, this process is simplified by the company for the convenience of its users. Therefore, customers can stop worrying about a fallout, lack of product availability, or any other problem in their network through the integration process.

Users that leverage web3 gateway services from Cloudflare should rest assured of their services. The web infrastructure providing company prioritizes end users. It enhances the experience of end-users, as they are the most critical link for an organization. Moreover, Cloudflare owns and stands behind all of its products.

The company has such faith and control over its products that it makes them an automatic choice for several consumers. Also, it builds on its own products in the background. Customers have the freedom to control and manage all the web3 features. These include serving video, custom security filters, custom redirects, WAF rules, and other such products.

Thousands of consumers continue to leverage Cloudflare’s web3 gateways

Cloudflare is offering services to a ton of tech enthusiasts. These include individuals, DAOs, organizations, and several others. Therefore, the new product will facilitate these users who are already leveraging web3 gateways from it. As of now, Dapps developers utilize Cloudflare web3 gateway to manage high traffic while maintaining efficiency. NFT enthusiasts use it to drop new collections and store them securely. Whereas DAOs use these services to serve their global applications.

As of now, the company is marking a move for its users from the legacy gateway to its new and more effective API. The company has issued a guideline for its existing customers to undergo a smooth transition and enjoy more robust services.

Cloudflare is thrilled to offer its new products to consumers, and it is quite optimistic about the performance of these products. This might mark the beginning of a new era in the company’s usability across the tech industry. More and more consumers will be attracted by the offering of Cloudflare in the longer run, as it benefits them to fetch good results.

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