China’s Q2 economic performance raises concerns


  • China’s Q2 GDP growth was 0.8%, lower than Q1’s 2.2%, due to decreasing exports and weak retail sales.
  • Unemployment rate among 16 to 24-year-olds reached a concerning 21.3%.
  • Government measures like infrastructure investment and tax breaks are being used to stimulate the economy.
  • Despite the slowdown, some sectors such as catering and electric vehicles witnessed growth.

Beneath the glimmer of its global economic prowess, China finds itself facing a worrying slowdown in Q2.

Amid plummeting exports, dwindling retail sales, and a sluggish property market, the Eastern giant witnessed a mere 0.8% GDP growth compared to the prior quarter, sparking international concerns.

This lukewarm performance serves as a sobering reminder that the path to global economic recovery is indeed rocky.

Trade struggles and domestic concerns in China

The fading momentum of the Chinese economy paints a somber picture for the global financial stage. While the Q2 figures exceeded the 0.5% growth anticipated by a group of Reuters analysts, it fell shy of the 2.2% spike experienced in Q1.

The year-on-year analysis portrays a 6.3% growth, primarily due to a low-base effect from the previous year, where major cities were under prolonged lockdowns. These figures are well below the anticipated 7.3% growth.

Having rebounded robustly from the extended Covid-induced lockdowns, China seemed poised for a steady climb. However, the fading household and business confidence over the past few months points towards the country losing its footing on the global stage.

Trade troubles worsen the situation. The surge of high interest rates in the West has depressed the demand for Chinese-manufactured goods, further burdening the economy. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) highlighted an 8.3% drop in June exports compared to last year.

Seeking recovery amid economic challenges

Retail sales, a potential growth driver for the year, recorded only a 3.1% uptick in June from last year, a figure that casts a cloud over the country’s growth prospects.

The unemployment rate for those aged between 16 to 24 reached a worrying 21.3% in Q2. Economists, such as Carlos Casanova of Union Bancaire Privée, have emphasized that the government needs to boost private sector sentiment to mitigate this unemployment surge.

The real estate sector, a cornerstone of the economy, witnessed a 7.9% investment dip in the first half of the year. Private investments have also declined by 0.2% in H1, while capital expenditure is experiencing a general cooldown.

All these factors, in conjunction with a struggling retail sector, present an unsettling panorama for China’s economic stability.

Nonetheless, China’s recovery endeavors are evident. Infrastructure investments saw a 7.2% growth in H1, indicating government-led efforts to stimulate the economy.

Promisingly, sales in the catering sector saw a 21.4% surge as consumers reengaged with dining out, while renewable sector output, particularly electric vehicle sales, jumped 35% YoY in H1.

Experts are keenly watching for the upcoming meeting of China’s ruling politburo, which may consider additional support measures to boost the economy.

However, as Harry Murphy Cruise, economist at Moody’s Analytics, warns, the anticipated support measures may not be a panacea for China’s economic woes.

Despite these headwinds, China’s ability to rebound and continue playing a crucial role in the global economic landscape should not be underestimated.

The coming quarters will provide deeper insights into whether China can leverage its economic levers to counter the challenges and maintain its economic stride.

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