China seizes opportunity amid US sanctions to challenge dollar

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The US dollar, once the undisputed titan of international trade and finance, is witnessing a formidable challenger rise from the East. China, seeking to capitalize on the shifting dynamics of the global financial system, is leveraging every opportunity to whittle away at the dollar’s long-held supremacy.

Bypassing the Dollar’s Grip

Argentina’s recent decision to make a payment to the IMF in renminbi rather than dollars offers a glimpse into the changing undercurrents of global finance. It wasn’t an isolated incident either.

Bangladesh, previously reliant on the dollar, turned to the renminbi to finalize payments for a nuclear power plant with Russia when the weight of US sanctions made traditional routes untenable.

Such moves underline the growing exasperation of developing nations with the domineering presence of the US dollar. The rise of emerging powers like China, India, and Brazil has also spotlighted the absurdity of an international financial system heavily skewed towards the US dollar.

While the concept of “de-dollarization” was once dismissed as a far-off dream, today’s geopolitical landscape paints a different story.

The aggressive use of US economic sanctions and the proliferation of novel payment technologies have exposed vulnerabilities in the dollar’s position, and China stands ready, hungry to exploit these openings.

China’s Ambitious Moves

Beijing’s aspirations aren’t to dethrone the dollar overnight but to methodically erode its dominance. To comprehend the scale and depth of China’s ambition, one need not look further than its multifaceted approach to creating an alternative global payments system.

One of its prime targets has been Belgium’s Swift, the juggernaut behind approximately 90% of international monetary transfers. China’s response? A multi-pronged strategy yielding tangible outcomes.

On one front, Beijing endeavors to swell the pool of renminbi liquidity in offshore markets, enhancing its availability to traders and investors. Another bold move is the establishment of the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (Cips), positioning it as a formidable competitor to Chips and Swift.

Its effectiveness is underscored by the fact that settlements on Cips surged by over a fifth to Rmb97tn in 2022. Moreover, the global debut of the digital renminbi is poised to revolutionize transactions, allowing them to bypass western financial mechanisms entirely.

The digital currency’s architecture, in tandem with Cips, could become a force to reckon with, rendering US sanctions impotent by obfuscating transactional data.

It’s not just in the world of high finance where China is making its presence felt. A look at the energy markets reveals a fascinating subplot. Traditionally tethered to the dollar, even this stronghold isn’t impervious to China’s influence.

Noteworthy is President Xi Jinping’s discussion with Gulf leaders about trading oil and gas in the Chinese currency. Furthermore, the undeniable success of digital payment systems like WeChat Pay in China showcases the nation’s innovative capabilities.

Its prowess is evident, as seen in the booming cross-border debt market denominated in renminbi. Sales of “panda bonds” by foreign issuers this year have already eclipsed 2021’s records.

While the road to truly rivaling the dollar’s hegemony may be long, China’s consistent and strategic advances are impossible to ignore. The current trajectory suggests an evolving landscape where the renminbi emerges as a significant player, challenging the unchecked reign of the US dollar.

The world, traditionally swayed by the ebb and flow of the mighty dollar, needs to brace itself for the rumblings of change emanating from the East.

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