Celsius takes StakeHound to court, alleges $150 million token debacle

Celsius Network to Move Forward with Chapter 11 Restructuring Plan


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  • Celsius files a lawsuit against StakeHound, claiming $150M in unpaid tokens.
  • StakeHound argues it is not obligated to swap tokens or return lost ETH.
  • The dispute highlights challenges and complexities in the crypto space.

Celsius, a defunct cryptocurrency lender, has taken legal action against StakeHound, a liquid staking platform, alleging the failure to repay approximately $150 million in various tokens, including Ethereum (ETH), Polygon’s MATIC, and Polkadot‘s DOT.

According to court documents, Celsius provided StakeHound with significant amounts of staked native ETH, MATIC, and DOT between 2020 and 2021, which were subsequently exchanged for StakeHound’s “stTokens.”

In response to Celsius’ claims, StakeHound initiated an arbitration agreement in Switzerland after Celsius filed for bankruptcy in the United States. StakeHound argued in their filing that they were not obligated to swap stTokens for other assets. Additionally, StakeHound stated they should be exempt from returning 35,000 ETH due to losing the accompanying keys.

Celsius contests the legality of StakeHound’s arbitration filing under the US Bankruptcy Code Section 362, citing the “automatic stay” provision. This provision prohibits most creditors from pursuing debt collection or legal actions against an entity that has filed for bankruptcy.

Furthermore, in 2021, StakeHound sued Fireblocks, claiming that the loss of tokens resulted from the custody service’s actions. However, Celsius argues that StakeHound’s partnership with Fireblocks does not absolve them of their responsibility to repay the tokens.

The dispute between Celsius and StakeHound underscores the challenges and complexities within the cryptocurrency space. With significant sums of tokens and the involvement of multiple parties, the resolution of this legal battle will have far-reaching implications for both companies and the broader crypto community.

Besides the financial ramifications, this case could also impact the regulatory landscape surrounding liquid staking platforms and their obligations toward their users. Hence, it is crucial for regulators to closely monitor and address such disputes to ensure investor protection and maintain confidence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Consequently, the outcome of this lawsuit will significantly shape the future of liquid staking platforms and the relationships between lenders and borrowers in the crypto industry. As the legal proceedings unfold, both Celsius and StakeHound must provide a comprehensive and transparent account of their actions to instill trust and accountability.

However, it remains to be seen how the courts will rule on this complex matter and which party will ultimately prevail. Additionally, the broader implications of this case may influence the development of regulatory frameworks to mitigate similar disputes in the future.

Moreover, stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space should closely follow this lawsuit as it could set a precedent for addressing issues related to token custody, repayment obligations, and the jurisdictional challenges associated with cross-border arbitration.

Celsius’ lawsuit against StakeHound highlights the crypto industry’s intricate legal challenges. With both parties presenting contrasting arguments and the involvement of multiple tokens and jurisdictions, the outcome of this case will significantly impact the future of liquid staking platforms and their responsibilities towards their users.

Regulators and industry participants alike will closely monitor the resolution of this dispute, as it has the potential to shape the regulatory landscape and investor confidence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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