Cardano founder extends an olive branch to XRP community amid regulatory turmoil


  • Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson extends peace to the XRP community after SEC labels ADA as security.
  • Mixed response from XRP supporters as Hoskinson’s tweet sparks speculation of collaboration.
  • Many XRP enthusiasts also hold ADA and share concerns about regulatory crackdowns.

In an unexpected turn of events, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), has reached out to members of the XRP community, signaling a desire for peace. Following the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent classification of ADA as a security, Hoskinson took to Twitter with a conciliatory message, stating, “XRP community, peace?” This gesture indicates his intention to reconcile with XRP enthusiasts, who have been at odds with the ADA community for several months.

The response from XRP supporters has been a mix of opinions, with some expressing an interest in uniting forces with Hoskinson to mount a more robust defence against the SEC’s relentless assault on the crypto market. These individuals recognize the potential benefits of collaboration in the face of regulatory challenges. However, maintaining the existing hostilities between the XRP and ADA communities is crucial. An ongoing rivalry may lead to healthy competition and innovation.

One notable observation comes from Australian-based lawyer Bill Morgan, who doubts that many XRP community members still harbour anger towards Hoskinson. Morgan emphasizes that many XRP enthusiasts also hold ADA and are primarily concerned about the ongoing regulatory crackdown on the cryptocurrency landscape in the United States. Therefore, a more united front against the SEC’s actions could be in their best interest.

This unexpected development between Hoskinson and the XRP community has sparked widespread speculation within the crypto sphere. Industry observers closely monitor the situation, eager to see how this potential alliance unfolds and whether it will have a tangible impact on the regulatory landscape.

With the SEC’s labeling of ADA as a security, the crypto market is experiencing heightened scrutiny, making it increasingly crucial for different projects to find common ground and navigate the evolving regulatory environment together.

As the dust settles on this latest twist in the ongoing saga between ADA and XRP communities, market participants eagerly await further updates and actions from both sides. Will this gesture of peace lead to a more unified front against regulatory challenges, or will the divide between the communities persist? Only time will tell as the crypto space evolves and adapts to the changing regulatory landscape.

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