BRICS nations dump dollar in oil trades


  • The BRICS alliance is challenging the US dollar’s dominance by promoting the use of local currencies in global trade.
  • India recently purchased oil and gold from the UAE using the Rupee, bypassing the US dollar.
  • India and Saudi Arabia are discussing potential oil trades using their local currencies.

Dollar dominance in the global marketplace has long been the accepted status quo. But the winds of change are gusting, and the BRICS alliance is at the forefront, challenging the hegemony of the US currency. This audacious geopolitical move might just send tremors throughout global financial circuits.

The Rise of Local Currencies in Oil Trade

India, for one, is not wasting any time. The country recently inked a deal with the UAE, purchasing 1 million barrels of oil and settling the tab with the Rupee. The transaction was managed by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) with the UAE’s ADNOC. This isn’t just about oil, though.

India and the UAE have even ventured into precious metals. A gold trade worth $1.7 million, settled without the US dollar, marks yet another chapter in this emerging narrative of economic defiance. All these brash transactions were carried out in the sultry month of August.

Now, India is turning its gaze to Saudi Arabia, another heavyweight in the BRICS alliance. Conversations between the two nations are underway, deliberating on ways to bypass the US dollar in their bilateral trades.

The crux of these discussions seems to hinge on settling oil transactions in their local currencies. If this materializes, it would be another bold assertion of autonomy by BRICS nations.

Ripple Effects: Beyond BRICS Borders

However, this movement isn’t just confined within the BRICS borders. Word has it that these nations are persuading other developing countries in regions spanning Africa, Asia, and South America to champion their local currencies in international trades.

The intention is clear: to uplift their native economies and fortify local businesses. By settling international transactions in local denominations, these nations hope to reclaim economic sovereignty and free themselves from the shackles of the US dollar’s volatility.

But why is this development sending shockwaves across the global economy? The rationale is simple. If BRICS and their allies move decisively to trade oil in local currencies, the demand for the US dollar could wane on global platforms.

Given that the dollar has enjoyed unbridled dominance for decades, any threat to its supremacy is bound to ruffle feathers in Wall Street and beyond.

A diminished demand for the US dollar can have profound implications. For starters, the US might struggle to find avenues to finance its deficit.

This isn’t just an economic issue but a geopolitical one. If the dollar loses its foothold, the balance of power could shift, affecting global politics, diplomacy, and alliances.

Is the BRICS alliance’s gambit merely a fleeting act of rebellion or the inception of a seismic shift in global trade dynamics? Only time will reveal the ramifications of these bold moves.

For now, though, the global financial world is on tenterhooks, watching intently as the BRICS nations stake their claim and challenge the established economic order.

Yet one thing is abundantly clear: BRICS isn’t merely playing a game; they’re attempting to rewrite the rules. The audacity of their moves underscores a broader narrative of nations eager to carve their own destiny, free from the shadows of historical economic giants. These are indeed interesting times, and the dollar’s next move is awaited with bated breath.

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