BRICS has a secret world order plan – Here are all the juicy details

BRICS has a secret world order plan - Here are all the juicy details

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  • BRICS nations are strategically planning to undermine US dollar dominance, aiming to establish a new global financial order.
  • A potential BRICS currency could significantly impact key US economic sectors, including banking, trade, and tourism.
  • The upcoming 16th BRICS summit in 2024 is set to be a pivotal event in advancing this new financial paradigm and global economic rebalancing.

The BRICS alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, is steadily advancing towards reshaping the global financial order. With an ambitious plan to diminish the long-standing dominance of the US and its Western allies, BRICS nations are keen on crafting a new financial ecosystem that reduces reliance on the US dollar and fosters a more equitable world order. This bold move signals a significant shift in the international financial landscape, challenging the status quo and potentially altering the dynamics of global trade and economics.

The rise of a new world order

At the heart of the BRICS strategy is the creation of alternative financial institutions and mechanisms that operate independently of the US dollar. This approach reflects a growing sentiment among developing countries for more autonomy and representation in global financial affairs. The BRICS nations, representing some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, are uniquely positioned to lead this transformation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a vocal critic of the current ‘rules-based world order’ dominated by the US and the West, has emphasized the need for a ‘fair world order.’ According to Putin, the upcoming 16th BRICS summit in 2024 in Russia’s Kazan region is set to usher in significant changes, reinforcing the alliance’s commitment to establishing a new global financial paradigm. This summit is expected to be a pivotal moment in BRICS’ journey towards creating a more balanced and representative international order.

Implications for the global financial system

The potential introduction of a new BRICS currency to rival the US dollar in global trade is a game-changer. This move could significantly impact several key sectors of the US economy, including banking, trade, forex, and tourism. The creation of a BRICS currency would not only challenge the hegemony of the US dollar but also redefine the rules of international trade and investment.

The sectors most likely to feel the effects of this shift include the global financial system, energy and commodity markets, capital markets, consumer goods, production and consumption sectors, technology and fintech, government policies, and the travel and tourism industry. Such a development could lead to a realignment of economic alliances and the emergence of new trade blocs, with far-reaching implications for global economic stability and growth.

The BRICS alliance’s move towards establishing a ‘fair world order’ and challenging American supremacy is not just about economic competition; it’s a statement of intent to create a more diversified and inclusive global financial system. This plan, if successful, could herald a new era in international relations, where emerging economies have a more significant say in shaping the rules that govern global finance.

The BRICS nations’ secret plan to establish a new world order is a testament to their growing influence and ambition on the global stage. As these countries continue to gain economic power, their push for a more equitable financial system is gaining traction.

The 16th BRICS summit in 2024 will be a crucial milestone in this journey, potentially marking the beginning of a new era in international finance. As the world watches, the BRICS nations are poised to redefine the global financial landscape, challenging the dominance of the US and reshaping the future of global economics.

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