Could Donald Trump be the one to save the US dollar?


  • Asset management firm VanEck predicts Donald Trump could win the 2024 presidential election, potentially strengthening the US dollar.
  • His possible return is seen as a counter to the BRICS bloc’s efforts against the dollar in global trade.
  • The prediction also suggests that a Trump presidency could lead to favorable regulatory changes for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In the global financial arena, a bold prediction by VanEck, an asset management firm, is causing ripples: Donald Trump could win the 2024 presidential election and potentially bolster the weakening US dollar.

Amidst the BRICS bloc’s concerted push against the greenback, Trump’s potential return to the White House is speculated to have significant implications for the dollar’s global performance.

Trump’s Potential Comeback and Its Geopolitical Echoes

VanEck’s report, which primarily focused on Bitcoin’s performance, ventured into the realm of geopolitical predictions. It posited that Trump could reclaim the presidency with 290 electoral votes in a fiercely contested election.

Such a political comeback would likely send shockwaves through global markets, particularly in the context of the US dollar’s struggle against the expanding influence of the BRICS alliance.

This alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has been progressively moving away from the dollar in global trade. Their de-dollarization efforts, gaining traction, pose a formidable challenge to the US currency’s dominance. In this backdrop, VanEck suggests that Trump’s potential presidency could be a turning point in this monetary tug-of-war.

A Controversial Stance on the Dollar’s Future

Trump, known for his unapologetic and often polarizing views, has openly expressed concerns about the dollar’s declining global stature. In conversations with media figures like Fox’s Larry Kudlow, he has lamented the perceived weakening of American financial power, attributing it in part to the dollar’s diminishing influence. Trump’s rhetoric has consistently emphasized the need to protect and elevate the US dollar, a stance that aligns with his broader ‘America First’ economic philosophy.

VanEck’s projection goes beyond the realms of presidential politics and touches on the intricate interplay of global finance and politics. If Trump were to be re-elected, it could herald a shift in US monetary policy, potentially intensifying efforts to counteract the BRICS nations’ push against the dollar. Moreover, such a scenario could lead to policies aiming to reassert the dollar’s prominence in international trade, challenging efforts by other nations to diminish its role.

The report also touches on Bitcoin’s future, suggesting that a Trump presidency could lead to regulatory changes favorable to cryptocurrencies. It speculates that under Trump’s administration, the SEC’s current regulatory approach might be dismantled, paving the way for Bitcoin to reach new heights.

Bottomline is the speculation by VanEck regarding Trump’s potential impact on the US dollar opens up a discussion about the intertwined nature of global politics and finance.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the role of the US in the global financial system, and the fate of its currency, will undoubtedly be topics of intense scrutiny and speculation.

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