Expert: BRICS expansion accelerates de-dollarization

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  • BRICS, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is on the path of expansion.
  • Expansion might promote the use of national currencies over the US dollar, leading to rapid de-dollarization.
  • Sun Qi from Shanghai Academy predicts more national currency transactions as the bloc grows.

The ever-evolving geopolitical landscape is witnessing a dramatic shift. The powerhouse that is the BRICS economic bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is expanding.

As this behemoth grows, an inevitable consequence looms large on the horizon: the rapid acceleration of de-dollarization. Leading voices in the world of finance, especially from China, highlight how the increasing membership of BRICS can reshape the global economic order.

Notably, the ascendance of national currencies over the once dominant dollar. Let’s delve deep into this unfolding scenario.

Challenging the Dollar’s Hegemony

Sun Qi, an esteemed figure at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, firmly believes that as BRICS expands its roster, the dependency on the US dollar could see a significant dip.

More countries within the bloc would naturally promote transactions using their national currencies or even third-party currencies. It’s not just about economics; it’s about autonomy and breaking away from the long-standing dominance of the greenback.

Now, what’s causing a stir in international economic circles is the potential discussion about introducing a unified BRICS currency. This isn’t a new concept, but the seriousness with which it’s being discussed is certainly turning heads.

Could we soon see a BRICS-specific currency facilitating trade between its member countries? It seems feasible, especially with BRICS continually aiming to reduce their dependency on the West.

However, as always, there are differing voices within the bloc. While some key figures, including Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, anticipate the currency topic to be a highlight of the upcoming BRICS summit in Johannesburg, others, particularly from the host nation, South Africa, beg to differ.

They assert that a shared currency isn’t on the table for discussion at this juncture. But with BRICS being the unpredictable powerhouse that it is, one can never be too sure.

BRICS’ Allure for Developing Nations

BRICS isn’t merely an economic union; it’s a beacon of hope for several developing countries. The bloc’s commitment to development and collective progress makes it an attractive proposition for nations looking to accelerate their growth trajectory.

This is evident from the rising interest of countries wanting to be a part of this bloc. With over 40 countries showing keenness, and 23 of them formally putting their names in the hat, BRICS is clearly in high demand.

However, like any other major global initiative, BRICS’ expansion has seen its share of hurdles. External factors, ranging from the devastating coronavirus pandemic to geopolitical tensions like the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, have impacted the pace of its growth.

Yet, the undeniable allure of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, with its promise of development, continues to overshadow these challenges.

Bottomline is the anticipated expansion of BRICS stands as a testament to its growing influence in the global economy. Its potential move towards de-dollarization is not just about currency supremacy; it’s about altering the existing power dynamics, paving the way for a new world order.

As BRICS moves forward, the world watches, anticipating every strategic play. Will BRICS lead the charge into a new era? Only time will tell.

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