bloXroute Labs’ BDN can reduce Ethereum block time by 52 percent

Blockchain firm bloXroute Labs has succeeded in reducing Ethereum block time by implementing BDN mainnet. According to an analysis, the time to create one block has been halved.

bloXroute Labs’ BDN can reduce Ethereum block time by 52%

Blockchain-focused Akomba Labs conducted ran bloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) on an Ethereum Node in Singapore. The firm conducted a test about the time required to produce a block and concluded that the solution decreased Ethereum block time by over 52 percent. The time required dropped from 360 milliseconds to 172 milliseconds.

Akomba used the data provided by a Chinese mining pool for performing the test. The result indicated that BDN could have a very positive result on block mining speed. For Ethereum it could help protect the network’s gas which costs around 20 cents. BDN could increase the rate of processes conducted on the network and help ease the congestion developed on it.

bloXroute CEO noted that Ethereum is facing a greater issue than any other blockchain due to scalability. He stated that the network is “losing momentum” and while it can detect this issue, many others have not.

bloXroute is a layer 0 solution that increases network speed by reducing the size of the trade and hence lowers the time consumption of such processes. The solution can reduce the size by over 99 percent as it could process a 500 bytes trade in just 4 bytes.

bloXroute Ceo Uri Klarman explained the underlying principles behind this approach. He stated that since the other party knows the details of the trade, we do not need to send the actual file. Instead, we just need to send signals showing what transactions are present there.

The BDN was previously tested on Ethereum mainnet in September this year. During that time, the solution reduced Ethereum block time consumed by nearly 25 percent while now it is capable of reducing it by over 50 percent. The solution is implemented in several mining pools and is expected to make its way to larger pools with the passage of time.