Blockchain music plagiarism detection, Alibaba acquires US Patent

Blockchain music plagiarism

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Blockchain music plagiarism detection solution is about to hit the music industry. A leading Chinese e-commerce outfit Alibaba has earned a U.S. Patent that will allow the giant to offer blockchain-backed solutions to tame the run-away plagiarism in the music industry.

The e-commerce firm received the Patent on April 21 from the U.S. Patent and Trade Mark office. This will help in analyzing music originality. This will be made possible through the use of a global decentralized public ledger to detect any plagiarism in music.

Finer details of blockchain music plagiarism analysis

The finer details of the blockchain music plagiarism patent stipulated that the system will have a designated node that will help analyze all music aspects including tune, tempo, and lyrics to ascertain its originality. These aspects will be run through a music catalog to help detect its authenticity.

Once the data is collected, it will put on a blockchain and using several nodes that analyze other music aspects, it will be possible to detect original tracks from the fakes. This way the firm is confident the immutable blockchain will stem theft of copyrighted lyrics.

Blockchain music plagiarism use case not alone

Blockchain music plagiarism eradication is one of the many use cases being explored by high profile companies. Alibaba just joins a list of outfits that are seeking various blockchain-based solutions.

Music piracy is the largest bottleneck in the music industry and it can be fixed, artists stand to be the winners.

Sony Corporation is exploring the blockchain to offer solutions in the transport sector. At the same time, Microsoft has teamed up with Sony to use the technology in cloud gaming. Another interesting partnership is that between ConsenSys and Microsoft seeking to male business transactions secure, compliant, and private.


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