Blockchain employment opportunities show 26 percent increase

Research Study Reflects a 26 Increase in Employment Opportunities in the Crypto Industry

Blockchain employment opportunities are pretty much everywhere these days, and now, research reveals the great potential in the current growth rate.

According to the latest research study by “Seen by Indeed,” the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is reflecting an optimistic scenario for those who are seeking employment opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Increase in Blockchain employment opportunities

From the year 2018 to this the year 2019, an increase of 26 percent was witnessed in the blockchain and crypto-related employment advertisements in-shares per million on the popular sites of the job listing, following the four-year growth trend of 1,457 % in this sector.

In the meantime, the sector-specific job searches experienced a drop of about 53 percent following a prolonged descending trend, as per the research study. The interest of job seekers spiked during the bullish trend in the crypto-market in Q4. The price of Bitcoin hit its all-time high of about $20,000 in that period; however, it tailed off gradually.


So, getting into a bit details, the top five sector jobs this year that are posted by employers are related to computer work, software architecture, software engineering, front-end developer, and full-stack developer.

While the top-ten employers in the blockchain sector are Deloitte ranked on the top, IBM ranked second, Accenture on third, Cisco on fourth, and Collins are ranked fifth.

The Ernst & Young joins the top-ten league at sixth position, Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry firms Coinbase on seventh, on eight positions it is the Overstock.com, Ripple on ninth and on the tenth position it the telecom giant Verizon.

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Ahmad Asghar

Ahmad Asghar

A first generation gamer at heart and tech buff by nature, have been involved in the tech sector for better part of a decade. With that insight and knowledge, he now covers blockchain, cryptocurrency and everything fintech so others can make sense of the industry.

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