Ripple XRP price prediction: What to expect after $0.27?

Ripple XRP price has been enjoying a brief moment of relief above the $0.30 mark, and now the price has taken another plunge with Bitcoin.

The latest price drop of Bitcoin took the whole crypto market down with it, and Ripple (XRP) was no exception. Many trading view analysts were already expecting this event to happen; however, many were also not anticipating this to have occurred.

Ripple XRP price predictions: Is it the end?

TradingAlchemist, a renowned Trading View analyst, is predicting that the XRP price would drop to the level of $0.265. He further stated that prior to this movement, a slight increase, up to the support level is likely. Following this prediction on the 8th of November, the price of XRP has been moving exactly how to be predicted to move.

Ripple XRP price prediction: What to expect after $0.27? 2Ripple XRP price chart by Trading View

CryptoMobster, another crypto analyst, is of the view that XRP’s price will likely continue to go further downward at about $0.24. The recently held Swell Conference was not much of a help for Ripple in regaining the momentum and changing the direction, hence, indicating an upcoming free fall for XRP.

A Contrasting View

Classic87, a famous crypto blogger, perceives these events differently. According to his research and analysis, plots from past years utilizing the Fibonacci channel, he believes that enormous growth should not be anticipated in the future. XRP during the medium term and long term growth periods would go to the Moon.Ripple XRP price prediction: What to expect after $0.27? 3 Ripple XRP price chart by Trading View

Opinions of analysts always differ, some expect a rise in prices, and at the same time, some expect a drop in the prices, however, managers of Ripple are doing everything in their capacity in order to keep the cryptocurrency afloat.

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