Blockchain Assoc. Files FOIA Request With SEC Over Prometheum’s Broker-Dealer Approval

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  • Prometheum’s recent approval for the SPBD has raised suspicions within the blockchain community.
  • The Blockchain Association has filed a FOIA request with the SEC concerning Prometheum and its Special Purpose Broker-Dealer (SPBD) for digital asset securities.

The Blockchain Association has taken a significant step by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), seeking crucial information regarding Prometheum and its Special Purpose Broker-Dealer (SPBD) for digital asset securities. The move comes as the SEC intensifies its enforcement efforts within the cryptocurrency industry.

Prometheum, a prominent player in the digital assets space, recently made headlines for obtaining approval for its pioneering SPBD. However, this development has raised suspicions within the blockchain community and prompted the Blockchain Association to take action.

Concerns of Blockchain Association Members

The association’s concerns are further compounded by the revelation that Prometheum’s CEO secured a seat in front of Congress to advocate for the company as a compliant path for digital assets. Additionally, it has come to light that Prometheum has paid over $1.5 million in sales commissions to a Chinese-affiliated entity with a questionable regulatory track record, raising eyebrows among industry observers.

During the congressional hearing and an interview conducted by Laura Shin, the founder of Prometheum was found to have inaccurately portrayed the legal landscape. It has been asserted that Prometheum’s claims of being a compliant option for digital assets are baseless and do not provide evidence of a genuine path to regulatory compliance. This discrepancy was highlighted by Representative Flood during the hearing.

One crucial aspect that raises concerns about Prometheum’s operations is the fact that their Alternative Trading System (ATS) will not be able to trade any tokens, despite their assertions to the contrary, unless the projects associated with these tokens register with the SEC. However, the current regulatory framework lacks a clear and well-defined path for token registration, adding to the uncertainty surrounding Prometheum’s claims of compliance.

The FOIA process, which the Blockchain Association has invoked, plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability in government agencies. By exercising this right, the association aims to obtain relevant documents and communications that shed light on Prometheum’s approval process and its interactions with the SEC.

Adam Cochran in his twitter thread has highlighted the timeline of Prometheum story since 2017 and legitimate concerns are present.

It should be noted that while the FOIA request has been filed by Blockchain Association, the timeframe for receiving the requested documents may vary. Nevertheless, the law mandates that the SEC must respond to all FOIA requests, instilling hope that the agency will fulfill its obligations in this instance.

What Lies Ahead

The Blockchain Association members, community, investors, and industry stakeholders will be closely monitoring the outcome of the FOIA request and the subsequent disclosures. As the SEC continues its efforts to regulate the digital assets space, the need for transparency and accountability becomes increasingly paramount.

In the coming weeks, the response from the SEC to the FOIA request will determine the extent to which Prometheum’s SPBD approval can be scrutinized and evaluated by the industry. Until then, doubts persist regarding Prometheum’s claims of providing a compliant path for digital assets and the implications of their association with a Chinese-affiliated entity with regulatory concerns.

As the digital asset industry evolves, regulatory clarity and adherence to compliance standards will be vital for the sector’s long-term growth and mainstream adoption. The outcome of this situation involving Prometheum will undoubtedly have significant implications for the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

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