Blair and Hague Call for Sale of NHS Data to Drive AI Treatment


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Former political rivals, Tony Blair and Lord William Hague, have joined forces to advocate for the sale of National Health Service (NHS) data to fuel advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and biotechnology. In a recent report, the two prominent figures have outlined more than 40 recommendations aimed at ensuring the UK’s continued leadership in the fields of biotechnology and AI. Their proposal seeks to leverage the vast repository of medical records within the NHS to propel scientific discoveries and innovative healthcare solutions.

An ambitious vision for the future of healthcare and technology

In a jointly authored piece published in The Times, Tony Blair and Lord Hague outlined their vision for the future of healthcare and technology. They emphasized the significant potential of biotechnology to usher in an era of groundbreaking treatments, including gene therapies, new antibiotics, and molecular manufacturing processes. The report underscores the promise of personalized healthcare solutions and more effective disease treatments, all driven by the advances in biotechnology and AI.

Unlocking the value of NHS data

Central to their proposal is the recognition of the NHS as a valuable source of medical data. Blair and Hague contend that a fresh approach is needed to facilitate commercial access to these records. They recommend the creation of a separate company tasked with providing such access while safeguarding patient privacy and autonomy. This new entity, they argue, would not be subject to government interference, thereby ensuring its independence.

A boost for research, public health, and patient care

The proposed access to NHS data, the report argues, would serve as a robust foundation for the development of artificial intelligence. AI applications could monitor patients’ health through wearable technology and promptly alert healthcare professionals to any issues. Additionally, the plan envisions a cloud-based “personal health account” accessible via the NHS app, streamlining appointment booking and treatment management for patients. This innovative approach would effectively create a biodesign laboratory, facilitating the scaling up of biotech companies and enhancing international biosecurity efforts.

A shared belief in the future prosperity of Britain

Tony Blair and Lord Hague are united in their conviction that advancing science and innovation is pivotal to Britain’s future prosperity. They contend that leading the world in these fields is crucial for British jobs, living standards, and national security. The report underscores the urgency of staying at the forefront of transformative changes that will reshape industries and economies on a global scale.

In their own words, “Nothing will be more important to British jobs, living standards, and security in the coming years than leading the world in science and innovation. We will have to keep moving quickly if we are to be one of the main homes of changes so dramatic that they will alter forever the way we live and restructure much of the global economy. Whatever our political differences on more traditional issues, we both believe that this is the crucial task that, more than anything else, will determine the future prosperity of Britain.”

A multi-faceted approach to innovation

This latest report on biotechnology marks the third collaboration between Tony Blair and Lord Hague. Their previous reports delved into the realms of innovation and artificial intelligence. Together, these documents outline a comprehensive strategy for bolstering the UK’s position in the cutting-edge fields of science and technology.

Former political adversaries Tony Blair and Lord William Hague have set aside their differences to champion a bold vision for the future of healthcare and technology in the UK. Their proposal, which includes the sale of NHS data to drive advancements in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, outlines a clear path toward maintaining the nation’s global leadership in innovation. As they advocate for this transformative approach, Blair and Hague emphasize that the future prosperity of Britain hinges on its ability to remain at the forefront of scientific and technological progress.

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