Bitmex CEO thinks Bitcoin is still just a wide experiment

Bitmex CEO has expressed his views in a recent episode of the unchained podcasts hosted by Laura Shin with CEO of BitMex Arthur Hayes as a guest star along with co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit Alex Ohanian and chief marketing of Digital Assets Dan O’Prey.

A lot of issues were discussed with regards to the crypto industry along with the decreased value of Bitcoin in the last month. Artur Hayes gave the world a piece of his mind about crypto-currency which he believes is still an experiment no matter the vast spread of the industry as there is still a jury out to decide the extent of security that can be obtained.

Whereas, Alexis Ohanian thought that Bitcoin is a convenient method although risky because you see people getting robbed while trying to take money out or get it in. Yet, if one is talking about facts, it has benefited many investors and the enterprise has proven its efficiency. He also included Venezuela, a country in the South America and how it’s safer to use Bitcoin as a means of transferring assets because of the money crises there.

It’s a rather compelling experience listening to these professionals talk about issues concerning cryptocurrency and the digital market among various aspects either supporting the industry or is a hindrance in the flow. Nonetheless, this was the ninety-seventh episode of the Unchained podcasts so it would be informative as well as extremely helpful for people who have an interest in the said department or who are looking for answers.