Nigerian crypto trading platform Bitmama expands fintech reach with Payday acquisition

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  • Bitmama, a Nigerian cryptocurrency trading platform, has acquired fintech startup Payday, aiming to expand its footprint in the fintech sector.
  • The acquisition will integrate Payday’s services into Bitmama’s cross-border payment product, Changera, enhancing customer experience and expanding service offerings.

In a notable development in Nigeria’s fintech sector, Bitmama, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading platform arena, has announced the strategic acquisition of Nigerian payments startup Payday. This move marks a significant expansion of Bitmama’s fintech footprint, signaling a new phase in its operational strategy.

Bitmama’s strategic move in Nigeria’s fintech market

Bitmama’s decision to acquire Payday comes at a time when the Nigerian fintech landscape is undergoing considerable transformation. The acquisition, occurring three months after Payday initiated discussions with potential buyers, represents a well-calculated move by Bitmama to consolidate its position in the fintech space. With this acquisition, Bitmama aims to enhance FX transactions and financial services across Africa, leveraging Payday’s capabilities and customer base.

The CEO of Bitmama, Ruth Iselema, has emphasized the complementary nature of Payday’s offerings to Bitmama’s strategic direction. The acquisition is poised to bring under Bitmama’s umbrella Payday’s customer deposits and liabilities, thereby strengthening the trading platform’s market presence. Payday, known for enabling Africans access to global accounts in multiple currencies, has faced operational challenges recently, including issues with charge-back fraud and disruptions in Mastercard services. Bitmama’s intervention could provide the necessary stability and growth trajectory for Payday.

Enhancing customer experience with Changera

A key aspect of this acquisition is the integration of Payday into Bitmama’s flagship cross-border payment product, Changera. Launched in 2021, Changera offers a social payment solution facilitating secure and seamless cross-border payments. With the inclusion of Payday’s services, Changera is set to offer an expanded suite of services to its users. This integration is expected to address some of the challenges faced by Payday, including its dependency on third-party integrations.

Bitmama, which started as a P2P digital currency exchange in 2017, has evolved into a platform enabling convenient management and trade of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This acquisition aligns with Bitmama’s broader goal of redefining financial transactions through blockchain technology.

For the over 300,000 customers of Payday transitioning to Changera, immediate changes in fee structures or terms of service are not anticipated. However, as the integration progresses, these customers can expect new features and services, benefiting from the synergies between Bitmama and Payday.

Navigating the future

The acquisition is a testament to Bitmama’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and market reach. It represents a strategic move to address not only current market challenges but also to position itself for future growth and innovation in the fintech and cryptocurrency domains. As Bitmama and Payday merge their strengths and expertise, the potential for improved efficiency and expanded services in the fintech sector appears promising.

This development is a significant milestone in Nigeria’s evolving fintech landscape, signaling a growing trend of consolidation and strategic partnerships.

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