Bitcoin trader issues warning of impending crypto market downturn


  • In Capo of Crypto’s caution amid crypto optimism.
  • The game-changing potential of a US Bitcoin ETF.
  • Experts weigh the benefits of a crypto market correction.

Cryptocurrency markets have been riding a bullish wave for most of the year. Still, one prominent Bitcoin trader, Il Capo of Crypto, sounds the alarm, predicting that Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies have just weeks left until they experience a significant downturn. This bearish outlook starkly contrasts the optimism that has permeated the crypto space recently, fueled by factors such as the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot price exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States. This article delves into Il Capo of Crypto’s warning and its potential implications for the crypto market.

Bearish predictions amidst a crypto bull run

Despite Bitcoin’s impressive 163% year-to-date gain and Ether’s 92% rise, Il Capo of Crypto has maintained a steadfast bearish stance throughout the year, holding a $12,000 price target for Bitcoin. In a recent post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), the trader declared that the current bull market in cryptocurrencies is approaching its end. He stated that Bitcoin and Ether might have reached their local tops, with Bitcoin likely forming one around the $40,000 to $45,000 range, echoing previous analyses shared with subscribers on his Telegram channel.

Il Capo of Crypto also noted that Ether could see its price drop to the $2,500 range, and some altcoins might experience their final pumps before a significant market correction occurs. While bearish predictions are not uncommon in the crypto space, the timing of this warning is noteworthy, considering the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot price ETF in the United States, an event expected to attract institutional capital.

A critical juncture for Bitcoin ETF approval

The United States is currently on the brink of approving its first Bitcoin spot price ETF. This development many believe, could pave the way for substantial institutional investment in Bitcoin. This decision is expected by January 10 at the latest, and a popular price target for Bitcoin around this time is $48,000. The potential ETF approval has generated significant excitement in the crypto community, as it may mark a new era for Bitcoin, making it more accessible to mainstream investors.

A contrarian view amidst bullish sentiment

Il Capo of Crypto’s bearish outlook contrasts with the prevailing sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, where many traders and investors have been riding high on optimism. In November, he previously declared “the beginning of the end,” cautioning that while prices were rising beyond expectations, the sentiment was becoming excessively bullish. This perspective suggests that the market may be overextended, potentially setting the stage for a correction.

Market corrections as healthy catalysts

It’s worth noting that Il Capo of Crypto is not alone in his belief that a correction in the cryptocurrency market may be imminent. Some experts argue that a more significant correction than observed so far could be a healthy catalyst for the ongoing bull market. Corrections help to shake out weak hands and maintain a healthier, more sustainable price trajectory for cryptocurrencies.

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