$ 1,054.42 0.20%
$ 33.11 1.89%
$ 0.067073 2.15%
$ 4.52 1.22%
$ 19,285.24 0.65%
$ 216.76 0.08%

Bitcoin price, BCH price, XRP and state of cryptocurrencies

bitcoin price and state of cryptocurrencies

The top seven cryptocurrencies by 24-hour volume have been showing a steady change that is a two point one four percent to forty-two point six one percent (2.14% to 42.61%) increase. Everex which is currently trading at one point two dollars ($1.21) has shown a forty-two (42.61%) percent increase in value. Bitcoin cash which is currently trading at about one hundred and sixty-seven dollars ($167.4) increased by six and three-quarter percent (6.73%).

XRP has shown a two point three percent rise (2.37%) which is currently trading at about zero point three dollars ($0.30). ZeroBank and Tron, on the other hand, have not jumped on the “positive change bandwagon” and have shown a two point one percent (2.10% ) and one point one three percent loss (1.13%), respectively.

As of now, Bitcoin is trading at four thousand and two dollars ($4,002). This value shows a two percent increase over the course of twenty-four hours. This increase is because of the one hundred and fifteen million (115 Mln) Bitcoin that was exchanged in the BTC/USD market.

Similarly, Ethereum has shown a two point eight percent increase over the course of twenty-four hours. It is currently being traded at one hundred and thirty-seven dollars ($137). This increase is also because of the fifty million dollars ($50 Mln) worth of ETH exchanged in the ETH/USD market.

EOS is currently being traded at about four point zero nine dollars ($4.09). This is because of the eleven point four four percent increase in the last twenty-four hours Similarly Litecoin has increased over two point six percent (2.63%) in value and is being traded at about sixty dollars ($60) as of now.

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