Bitcoin Mining Software Guide

Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin, being a decentralized currency, eliminates the need for a central authority to verify each transaction on a ledger. The Bitcoin mining protocol summarily helps solve the problem of maintaining and securing all of the transactions on a blockchain through Bitcoin mining. The mining process is carried out by solving/guessing answers to complex mathematical problems using your computer. If your computer guesses right, you earn money mining cryptocurrency and get to write the next page of the Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain.

Miners with more computing power have a higher chance of guessing the correct solution. Also, Bitcoin owners crafted the mining operation so that the higher the mining power a network has, the more complex the mathematical problem. Cryptocurrency mining has gone from easy calculations that can be solved with PCs to complex mathematical problems ordinary computers can’t solve.

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An extensive network of miners is directly equal to a more complex problem, while fewer miners will lead to less complicated mathematical problems. This phenomenon is known as the mining difficulty. As it gets harder to mine Bitcoin, miners have moved from CPU mining to GPU, then FPGA and ASIC mining.

Another typical crypto mining process is the Bitcoin mining pool. The mining pool involves several miners coming together to combine all their mining power to mine Bitcoin and share their profits based on each contributor’s contribution power.

In recent years, due to Bitcoin mining’s profitability, hackers have developed ways and strategies to steal the coin. One of the methods hackers use is through the use of mining software. Hackers install Bitcoin malware on hundreds of computers that run nonstop and take much of the computer’s CPU power. As the CPU tries to process the answer, to keep the computer from burning, powerful fans are run constantly, leading to increased electricity bills while the reward goes to the hacker. It will take 10 minutes to mine one Bitcoin and about 72,000 GW or 72 Terawatts of electricity.

What is Bitcoin Mining Software?

The three crucial components of mining Bitcoin are; the mining hardware, a Bitcoin mining client and the mining software. The client connects to the Bitcoin network, the mining hardware does the mining work and consumes many electricity units, while the software combines the client and hardware.

Do you want to start mining Bitcoin? Well, you can. However, the process is not all that profitable for most individuals mining Bitcoin because there are now highly specialized industries for mining. Most mining is done in warehouses with cheap electricity.

If you are interested in mining for its fun, mining software is essential in the mining procedure, and getting the best software would save a lot of stress. Mining software hooks mining machines into your desired mining pool; if you are mining with a pool. It also connects your Bitcoin miner to the blockchain if you are solo mining. However, if you are carrying out Bitcoin cloud mining, you do not need mining software. Cloud mining involves using rented cloud computing power without the need to use any hardware and software. Mining software also helps you point your hash rate at the pool.

Depending on your operating system, there are several available mining software.

Why Do You Need a Bitcoin Mining Operating System?

A Bitcoin mining operating system functions like an operating system that operates as an interface between the computer user and computer hardware, except when cloud mining, where you do not need a mining software or operating system.

A blockchain-based operating system captures instructions and transactions from a user’s device where execution, authentication, and recording occur on the blockchain.

All the needed transaction occurs on the cloud-hosted blockchain-based data center, while the user only issues instruction by clicking or screen touching depending on the device in use.

Importance of Bitcoin Mining Software

The paramount importance of this cryptocurrency mining software is to deliver the mining hardware’s processing to the rest of the Bitcoin network and receive completed tasks from other miners in the network.

This mining software displays statistics such as speed, hashrate, fan speed, and monitoring your miner’s input and output.

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets

A Bitcoin wallet is the equivalent of a physical wallet on a Bitcoin network. A Bitcoin wallet contains your private key(s) that allows you to transact with the Bitcoins allocated to it in the blockchain. Also, Bitcoin wallets provide an address that will be used to send mining reward payouts. Each wallet shows you the total balance of all Bitcoins it controls. Wallets are divided into hardware and software (also divided into hot or cold categories).    

Cold wallets can be accessed offline without the internet, while hot wallets need to be connected to the internet before they can be accessed.

Examples of hardware wallets are Nano Ledger S and Trezor T. Examples of hot wallets are ZenGo and Electrum. An example of a cold wallet is De Paper.

What is the Best Bitcoin Mining Software?

The most crucial step in choosing the best mining software for Bitcoin is knowing which software best suits your operating system. So, what software is best for mining? This Bitcoin mining software guide gives a brief look into reliable and reputable cryptocurrency software that can be used for mining. By the end of this guide, you should be able to choose which is best for you.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows

Braiins OS

Satoshi Labs developed Braiins OS. It is crucial to know that Braiins is free and works effectively on the Windows operating system. Satoshi labs make money from Braiins by giving users incentive to join the slush mining pool. Braiins support hardware like Antminer s9, and s9j. It can also increase your Bitcoin mining hardware’s hash rate by up to 17+ Terra hashes per second.

Although there is no upfront cost to buying the software, you will need to pay slushpool dev fees by sharing 2% of your hashing power to their pool. Features on Braiins OS include pre-heating for faster mining, super-fast booting speed, and complete fan control. 


EasyMiner is a free powerful cryptocurrency mining software. This software is compatible with several cryptocurrency wallets and can be used to many cryptocurrencies so long they support ASIC mining for any ASIC miner. It also employs an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The hash rate, earnings, and many other features are displayed to viewers or users, making the app easy for beginners. Easyminer can also be used for Ethereum mining and can be used to manage any mining rig.

Awesome Miner

Awesome miner is unique due to its ability to manage multiple BTC mining rigs even if the rigs support different types of miners. The software gives users the ability to create and launch special actions using its scripting engine. The dashboard is also designed to show vital information such as hash rate and the mining rig temperature. It is easy to use with the aid of its mining software guide documentation.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Linux


Hashr8 tried to fix several common problems miners face and shortcomings of other mining software. Hashr8 is often considered a mining software developed by miners. Hashr8 constantly monitors the performance of your rig and restarts it automatically in case there is an error. It also added a remote control feature that allows you to control your mining on the go.  While choosing Hashr8 you get three options;

  1.  Home miner is a free mining software that allows you to run up to three mining devices simultaneously.
  2.  Pro miner is free for the first three months but requires a $2 monthly fee afterward.
  3. Corporate miner is the most professional option. It provides a dedicated account manager, additional configuration and discount when using more than 300 mining devices.


Multiliner allows users to mine several other cryptocurrencies asides BTC. It is easy to use and has a graphical user interface. They support both ASIC and FPGA and work in cases where rigs are connected to different mining hardware types.Multiminer is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X also. 


BFGMiner might be pretty complex for beginner miners due to its many features and functionalities. This software uses dynamic clocking, monitoring, and remote control. It can restart ideal services without affecting the miner’s performance in case the services do not respond.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Mac OS X

Hive OS

The Hive OS can be used to control single or multiple mining rings. It provides efficient control of GPU (example is the NVIDIA GPU) and ASIC mining device. Several metrics such as hash rate, electricity consumption, hardware errors can be viewed or tracked with the Hive OS. It also supports Bitcoin, Etherum, BCash, and many more coins. Finally, Hive OS automatically detects and adds rigs to the dashboard. 


DiabloMiner is free software and also an OpenCL miner for Bitcoin. Efficient mining with DiabloMine is done by closing any other function that can reduce the CPU’s strength. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Good Bitcoin Mining Software

There are lots of crucial factors to consider when choosing a mining software for Bitcoin. Below are some important ones to consider;

Hash rate – this has to do with how many hashes per second the Bitcoin mining software can make. Also, it is essential to know if the software has a limit on the device’s hash rate because some software are known to have a limit on hash rate allowed.

Cost – BTC mining software is available as either paid or free. For the paid, users get to pay a certain fee monthly to use the software continually. Payment can also be subscription-based. To get an effective Bitcoin mining technique, it is essential to factor in the mining hardware and software costs.

Security – Another thing to consider when using Bitcoin mining software is security, and it should be a top priority for every miner. Security can be enhanced through open-source software that allows mining rewards to be paid directly into the chosen wallet for solo miners.

Usability – Every cryptocurrency miner should be usable and easily reconfigured. The software should be tweakable to the user’s taste to help improve hardware’s performance.

Efficiency – This translates to using mining software that converts the most electricity into Bitcoin. One of the most efficient mining software currently is the Halong Mining Dragonmint T1.  

FAQs on BTC Mining

How Long Does it Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin?

It takes 10 minutes to discover each block, and each block reward yields a 6.25BTC reward for the miner. BTC halves’ reward changes roughly every four years, or after every 210,000 blocks are mined and gets reduced by half each time. To calculate how long it would take another GPU mining rig to generate 1 BTC, plug its hash rate into the following equation: 1 / (hash rate (in PHs)) * 0.0066. This would produce the number of days it will take to generate 1 BTC.    

Can I Mine Bitcoin on my PC?

At the early stage of Bitcoin, it was possible to mine Bitcoin using laptops and desktops. The constantly increasing mining difficulty has made it all but impossible to profitably mine Bitcoin at home using your personal computer’s processing power. It is possible to still mine other cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home but not Bitcoin. A Bitcoin mining farm is the most profitable form of mining in recent times; they are effective and can handle mining better than PCs.

Can you Mine Bitcoin on a Phone?

Mining on your smartphone is possible, but it is not as profitable as mining farms, neither is it time-worthy. The competition your phone is up against is far stronger than it and won’t be able to process as fast as its competition. It is more reasonable to mine altcoins instead of Bitcoin to stand a higher chance. Recently, there is no mining app supported by Google. The company removed most of them from Playstore because they are not profitable and effective as other mining methods; it can damage your mobile phone battery, and mining apps are vulnerable to malware and viruses.

Can I Mine Bitcoin for Free?

For a short answer, yes. For a detailed response, no. The electricity cost involved in mining free Bitcoin is significant and cannot be overlooked. Also, some Bitcoin mining software are paid for by users.

 What is the Best Graphic Card for Mining 

For the best mining experience, an excellent graphic card with enough power and memory is needed. A good example is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

Final Words

After using a Bitcoin mining software to connect your mining rig with the BTC blockchain, it’s better to use a virtual private network (VPN) to help increase the security of your minted Bitcoins.

When the rewards start coming, a miner may need to liquidate some coins to settle electricity, the internet, and other bills. The best places to buy or sell Bitcoin are on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Gemini.

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