Sustainable Bitcoin miner Iris Energy sees $7.1 million monthly profit

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  • Iris Energy, a leader in sustainable Bitcoin mining, earned $2.3 million in power credits last month from its voluntary energy curtailments at its Childress, Texas, site.
  • The company generated $11.4 million in revenue by mining 410 Bitcoin, with an average profit of $17,300 per Bitcoin.
  • Iris Energy reduced its electricity expenses from $6.6 million to $4.3 million.

Iris Energy, a trailblazer in sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) mining, paints a new picture of profitability and environmental responsibility in the crypto world. Last month, the company raked in a stunning $2.3 million in power credits. This windfall came primarily from voluntary power curtailments at their Childress site in Texas. During peak demand times, the company dialed down its energy use, relieving stress on the state’s electrical grid.

By mining 410 Bitcoin, Iris Energy generated an eye-popping $11.4 million in revenue. Normally, the electricity cost for such an endeavor would have hit $6.6 million. However, that expense dropped to $4.3 million thanks to the power credits. This savvy play led to a total profit of $7.1 million for the month. On average, that’s a hefty $17,300 profit per Bitcoin.

What sets Iris Energy apart is its focus on renewables. About 97% of the electricity for its mining operations comes directly from clean sources. Renewable energy credits cover the remaining 3%. The company efficiently uses excess energy capacity by positioning its facilities near hydropower stations and other renewable sources. For instance, the company taps into the station’s surplus power in its Canal Flats operation.

Co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Roberts attributed the success to a nimble strategy. He stated that the company’s advanced tech stack dynamically trades Bitcoin mining profitability against electricity market prices. In simpler terms, they automatically shift to the most profitable use of their power. This strategy is part of why Iris Energy outperformed its competition, even as Riot Platforms received a whopping $31.7 million in power credits.

Diversification is also in the air for Iris Energy. Last month, the company invested around $10 million in 248 NVIDIA artificial intelligence H100 GPUs. While Bitcoin remains their bread and butter, next-gen data centers focused on fields like generative AI are emerging as an enticing opportunity.

Iris Energy is redefining Bitcoin mining and illustrating how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand in the crypto arena. Their latest moves signal a compelling path forward for the industry, with a blend of technology, strategy, and environmental consciousness at its core.

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