Bitcoin ETF approval sparks heated debate in the crypto community


  • Crypto market volatility linked to ETF approval speculation.
  • Experts anticipate the SEC decision will be between January 8th and 10th.
  • Institutional investment poised to reshape the crypto landscape.

The crypto community’s anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as they await the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision regarding approving Bitcoin ETFs. 

While some sources have suggested that this momentous event may occur soon this week, others, including prominent analysts like James Seyffart and Eleanor Terrett, offer a different perspective.

crypto community contrasting views on ETF approvals

James Seyffart, a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, believes that the SEC will likely grant approvals for Bitcoin ETFs between January 8th and 10th, dismissing rumors of an imminent approval this week. 

He recently reiterated his stance by stating, “Lot of noise about tomorrow. Sticking to this. I’m not expecting official Bitcoin ETF approval orders tomorrow. Still expecting them January 8th-10th.”

This assertion directly contrasts reports from sources like TechCrunch, which suggested that multiple firms’ ETF applications would see approval as early as this Friday. While some crypto community eagerly awaited this development, Seyffart held his ground.

Fox Business Reporter Eleanor Terrett sided with Seyffart, emphasizing that regulators will likely issue approvals by next Tuesday or Wednesday due to pending work. 

She expressed, “While the SEC is surely unpredictable, it would surprise me if approvals were to happen tomorrow.” Seyffart echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the gap between approval orders and trading would be measured in weeks, not days.

Bitcoin  ETF approval saga continues

The ongoing debate and uncertainty surrounding the approval of Bitcoin ETFs have captured the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and financial experts. The stakes are high, so ETFs’ approval could pave the way for a surge of institutional investment in the cryptocurrency market.

As the debate rages on, the cryptocurrency market has shown signs of volatility in response to speculation regarding the SEC’s decision. Prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced fluctuations as investors and traders react to differing opinions on the timing of ETF approvals.

The SEC’s unpredictable nature

The SEC has a history of unpredictability when approving financial products related to cryptocurrencies. Their cautious approach is aimed at ensuring investor protection and market integrity. Therefore, the timeline for approval remains uncertain, and both sides of the debate have valid arguments.

The crypto community, financial analysts, and reporters will continue to closely monitor the SEC’s actions in the coming days. While some anticipate a decision as early as this week, others, like James Seyffart and Eleanor Terrett, believe the regulatory process will take longer. Investors and enthusiasts alike remain eager to see how the SEC’s decision will impact the cryptocurrency market and the broader financial landscape.

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