Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Holo, and Audius Daily Price Analyses – 15 April Roundup

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  • The global crypto market shows signs of recovery, adding 0.08% in 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin has improved much over the last 24 hours, adding 0.53% to its value.
  • Binance Coin is still bearish, shedding 0.46% in 24 hours.
  • Holo is bearish, losing 0.81%, while Audius is bullish, adding 7.30% in 24 hours.

The global crypto market has moved towards a bullish trend after undergoing a huge recession wave. The previous wave was significant from losses suffered in a single day. Even though it has attempted recovery, the results are too low compared to the previous day. The market would need to speed up its gains; otherwise, another wave of bearishness might bring its market cap value to new historic lowers. Bitcoin remained indifferent in this situation as it has maintained its threshold levels.

There has been a debate ongoing regarding Twitter, as Musk offered to buy it will approximately $54 a share. The bid was followed by other giants in the market who offered better rates, and it has continued. The latest in this is an offer from Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, who has offered to build a decentralized Twitter. The offer came from Hoskinson to Musk, who is interested in purchasing social media platforms. Hoskinson said that they would build a decentralized version of Twitter for Hoskinson. It is yet to be seen what response they receive from Musk. If it is built, it will generate tremendous revenue.  

Here is a brief overview of the current market situation using the performance of Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and some others.

BTC is on the way to recovery

Politicians have also become aware that crypto can influence their politics. And for the same reason, they have begun to work on legislation that could help them later. Bitcoin has been one of the most influential coins and continues to do so. The recent legislation in the US shows how much Bitcoin has benefitted from it. The recent ‘Bitcoin 2022’ conference is a prime example.

Source: TradingView

The recent data shows that Bitcoin has added 0.78% over the last 24 hours. The bullish Bitcoin will make attempts to lower its weekly losses. Currently, its seven-day losses are about 4.69%, and if the momentum continues, they will be reduced significantly.

The current price value of Bitcoin is in the $40,482.19 range. If we look at the market cap value, it is estimated to be $769,189,753,038. The 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin is estimated to be $20,668,585,615.  

BNB shows positive signs

Binance Coin has also begun to move towards bullishness as the overall market sees a favorable situation. The change this time is Bitcoin’s lead in turning bullish, which previously Binance Coin would have. It is moving steadily towards stability this time and might take time.

Source: TradingView

The 24-hour performance of Binance Coin shows that it has shed 0.46%. The said coin is working on reducing losses and might soon join Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over the last seven days, the comparative performance is relatively in a stable range as it has shed 1.89%.

The current price value of Binance Coin is also stable compared to losses for smaller coins and is about $416.04. If we take a peek at its market cap value, it hasn’t suffered much and is estimated to be $68,683,479,016. The trading volume value of Binance Coin suggests increasing activity, and it is about $1,193,018,045.

HOT reducing losses

Holo’s performance graph shows that its fluctuations have continued for a long while. The recent performance shows a little improvement, but it might take time to recover—the daily losses for this coin amount to 0.81%. In comparison, the weekly losses for Holo are about 6.56%.

Source: TradingView

The current bearishness has also affected the price, down to $0.005039. The market cap value for this coin is estimated to be $871,745,068. The 24-hour trading volume has also been affected by the fluctuations, and it remained at $39,230,574.

AUDIO continues to grow

Audius is in a comparatively better state compared to other coins. It has continued to grow in value while others have declined. Its 24-hour data shows an addition of 7.30% to its bulk. If we compare its weekly growth, it has added 10.20%. The price value has enhanced with gains and is about $1.30.

Source: TradingView

If we compare the market cap value for Audio, it is estimated to be $805,552,920. In comparison, the 24-hour trading volume of this coin is about $94,849,155. The circulating supply of it remained 173,301,808,097 HOT.

Final Thoughts

The global crypto market has finally taken a turn as various coins have changed their mood to bullish. The recent change also brought relief to the global market cap value, which is currently about $1.88T. If the market remains favorable, it might turn even better. As currently, Bitcoin and other currencies are in a stable situation, the market might increase in value. The biggest challenge to it is the threshold level of its global bulk. 

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