Global Bitcoin ATM nears 11.5K as Bitcoin surges


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  • Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide now nears 11.5K, led by the United States.
  • African countries are waking up to the call as mainstream crypto adoption becomes imminent.

The attention of Bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts has been on the bullish trend with the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), to the extent that some other encouraging developments are almost ignored. Recent Bitcoin price surged to its all-time high for the year. While the crypto continues to post bullish strength, the number of installed Bitcoin ATM has been gradually rising globally.

Bitcoin ATM surpass 11,000 globally

Per the information provided by Coinatmradar, a cryptocurrency ATM tracker, there are currently 11,357 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world. On this note, it is increasingly becoming easier for digital currency users to buy and sell their cryptocurrency holdings, unlike in the past. Additionally, the installation rate has accelerated, given that the number of these ATMs crossed 10,000 on September 17. Thus, more than 1,300 ATMs were installed in less than two months.

The United States still houses a significant percentage of all the Bitcoin ATMs installed globally. According to Coinatmradar, cryptocurrency ATMs have been installed in 9,187 locations in the US. Aside from the US, no other country houses a four-digit number of these machines. The second-largest country, Canada, has 922 ATM installations, followed by the United Kingdom with 291 ATMs, 105 ATMs in Spain, and 102 ATMs in Switzerland.

About 26 countries have a two-digit number of installations, which includes Poland (82), Hong Kong (62), Russia (53), Netherlands (38), Germany (37), Australia (20), Argentina (13), France (12), and more.

Crypto ATMs in Africa

African countries are waking up to cryptocurrency adoption. The installation rate of Bitcoin ATMs in Africa is probably rising alongside the continent’s crypto adoption rate. In total, Africa makes up about 0.1 percent (13 ATMs) of all the cryptocurrency ATMs installed worldwide. These machines are installed in the continents as follows, South Africa (6), Ghana (2), Djibouti (1), Zimbabwe (1), Kenya (1), Botswana (1), and Nigeria (1).

The Nigerian crypto ATM was launched in April, as Cryptopolitan reported. 

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