Bitboy Crypto’s Twitter account hacked, investors suffer losses

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  • Bitboy Crypto’s Twitter was compromised in a sim-swapping attack.
  • The attacker used phishing techniques to lure followers into giving control of their assets.
  • Bitboy Crypto, aka Ben Armstrong, confirmed the hack and warned followers via a YouTube video.
  • Armstrong focused on user security, advising followers not to link phone numbers to Gmail accounts.

The crypto community was abuzz with the recent breach of Bitboy Crypto’s Twitter account. The cyber invasion appears to have been a calculated sim-swapping attack that left a trail of devastation in its wake, wreaking havoc on the trust of investors.

The anatomy of the attack

The audacious infiltrator left no stone unturned in their efforts to exploit the situation, swiftly resorting to broadcasting links to a phishing website.

The trap was baited with an offer to claim a tantalizing $FCKSEC meme token, a devious ploy engineered to deceive Bitboy Crypto’s legion of unsuspecting followers.

The sinister invitation lured the users into signing a setApprovalForAll() transaction. This malevolent act essentially signed over control of their assets to the intruder, a masterstroke of deception.

Evidence of this nefarious act was seen in the surge in financial inflows to the attacker’s address, with an astonishing $760,000 accrued within the attack’s timeframe.

Bitboy’s response: Acknowledgement and caution

In response to the unsettling event, Bitboy Crypto’s alter-ego, Ben Armstrong, took to YouTube to express his dismay and advise his followers. Armstrong confirmed the hack and appealed to his followers not to interact with any suspicious links posted on his compromised Twitter account.

Furthermore, Armstrong lamented the propagation of a counterfeit token under his name, emphasizing his non-involvement with this scam.

Recalling a recent similar incident with John Deaton from Crypto Law, he expressed his suspicion that these cyber-attacks might be the work of the same culprit.

Amid the turmoil, Armstrong offered a reassuring perspective, expressing unwavering confidence in the swift recovery of his account. His faith is grounded in the fact that other victims of similar attacks had regained access to their hacked accounts.

However, his primary concern lies with the protection of his followers. Armstrong underlined the need to avoid clicking on the fraudulent link, as the primary goal of the hacker was to coerce people into transferring funds.

To further fortify followers, Armstrong shared insights on security best practices. He emphasized the need to avoid linking phone numbers to Gmail accounts as a precaution against the two-factor authentication hack.

Armstrong ended his response with a note of optimism. Despite the daunting challenge of the weekend intrusion, he expressed his hope for a swift resolution by Monday. His unyielding spirit shone through as he encouraged his followers to disregard the hacker and instead, focus on disseminating the news of the hack.

Armstrong’s composed response underlines the resilience of the Bitboy Crypto community. While the loss of his Twitter account is a significant blow, the community’s collective strength is a beacon of hope, encouraging vigilance and optimism in the face of adversity.

The recent attack on Bitboy Crypto’s Twitter account serves as a stark reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in our digital age. It is a call to action for all to remain vigilant, prioritize security practices, and stay alert to the ever-present risk of cyber threats.

You can watch Ben’s video below:

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