Bison Trails raises $25M in latest funding round

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New York-based Bison Trails has raised 25.5 million dollars in the latest funding round.

Bison Trails: Fundraising round raised $25.5M

The blockchain startup is one of the 21 founding members of the Libra association. The company provides blockchain infrastructure solutions to over 20 blockchain protocols.

The company conducted a Series A funding round that was led by Blockchain Capital. Many notable industry investors participated in the funding round, including crypto trading platform Coinbase, Ethereum blockchain firm ConsenSys and crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital.

Bison Trails previously conducted a seed funding round in which 5.35 million dollars were raised. The round was backed by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital and was held in March 2019.

The funding round was lead by two venture capital firms, namely Initialized Capital and Accomplice. Meanwhile, the round was backed by Galaxy Digital and Distributed Global. Many other industry investors also participated, including Notation Capital, Homebrew, and Charge Ventures.

Bison Trails optimizes block production over 20 blockchain protocols

Bison Trails is working to optimize the block production and validation at numerous blockchain protocols. The firm’s infrastructure has a unique design that allows it to launch secure and geographically distributed nodes on a blockchain network. The platform enables users to access a number of blockchain tools that are designed to improve blockchain networks. These tools include staking, verifying, voting, and securing blockchain protocols.

The firm is actively securing Tezos, Decred, and Livepeer among various other protocols. The firm provides infrastructure for deploying participation nodes and hence reduces customer cost on developing internal blockchain protocols. This way, the cost of the entire process decreases significantly.

The company’s new investor Consensys recently launched a blockchain firm called Aligned Capital.

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