Binance NFT partners with Seascape for new NFT video game project


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• Seascape presents Mystery Boxes project.
Binance NFT to pave way for new future of NFTs.

Binance NFT and Defi gaming web platform Seascape Network have launched their next crypto project. The non-fungible market has just welcomed a powerful partnership between two companies bringing their best to the virtual market.

According to reports, this partnership aims to launch the “Zombie Mystery Box” NFT project within the Binance platform. The proposal would be inspired by the “Zombie Slayer Wichita” project launched on the market a while ago which was reportedly a success.

Project Mystery Boxes in the non-fungible market


As is well known, the NFT trade is divided into several projects or collections of unique pieces auctioned; among them are the “Mystery Boxes” of Binance. This crypto exchange that focuses on trading non-fungible tokens revealed this new project would only be offered in “Mystery Boxes” exclusive to the brand.

The firm clarifies that the collection will feature characters like Gramps, Ed, and Carl with their zombie counterparts. Each NFT piece will have a distinct value to which the fan will have access. High-quality non-fungible parts will allow hobbyists to make good trade-offs within the Seascape world.

The NFT society motivates each player to acquire the “Mystery Boxes” and thus have good rewards.

Binance NFT will work with Seascape for Defi games

Seascape, a large Defi gaming company, believes it is time to develop ambitious plans, and Binance NFT is the right partner. The company agrees to the “Mystery Boxes” project after seeing great results with the initial sale of the NFTs.

The company director thinks that non-fungible commerce has a future and more so when adapted to video games. However, the firm believes this integration should bring future profits to the investor and not an image of a single value. In this way, Seascape shows a clear NFT project where the holder of the non-fungible pieces can mint the token for as long as he wishes to guarantee that its sale value will increase.

The non-fungible tokens of the “Seascape Zombie” collection are valued at $50, and this sale will open on February 21. The collection is likely to “mint out” quickly, considering the last project closed in seconds.

The non-fungible tokens presented by Seascape will be characterized by their generation, quality, and character so the user can have great profits. The collection will be divided into SSR, SR, R, and N, corresponding to the initials from highest to lowest according to their price and exclusivity. But each game fan can invest the scapes tokens for other Defi video games with the same zombie setting.

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