Binance coin adapts lottery format for next launchpad sale

A lottery format is set to facilitate participation in the next project on Binance launchpad. This measure comes as the consequence of numerous complaints from the community regarding the technical problems that were faced during the last three token sales. These lottery tickets would be given out on the basis of the Binance Coins (BNB) possessed by a user.

It was reported by Bitcoinist in the last week, that the CEO of Binance, Mr. Changpeng Zhao, indicated interest in a modified model for carrying out the Launchpad sales, that is expected to provide an incentive to the BNB users to transition to ‘holders.’

It has not been a very long time since he expressed these views which already seem to be taking shape into existence, with Binance launchpad declaring that it is working on a project that is intended to be launched through a lucky draw-based format. This will enable the users to buy tickets for the draw.

The catch in this strategy is that the amount of tickets a user will be given is dependent entirely on the number of BNB coins they have held within twenty days period before the event.

A user will be allowed to claim five lottery tickets at the most, depending on their Binance Coin credit over this period.

Every ticket will signify a particular amount that it as allocated and users who claim the lottery tickets are in fact signing up to take part in the sale in the event that their ticket is drawn.

Users wishing to take part in the lottery must possess BNB amounting to greater than fifteen hundred dollars for at least twenty days.