Binance CEO announces $1.5mn donation to Coronavirus victims

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, took to Twitter on Saturday to announce one and a half million US dollars ($1.5 million) donation to the victims of the mysterious and life-threatening Coronavirus.

When it comes to extending a helping hand and reach to people in need, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance, does not shy away in doing its bit. Earlier this month, it announced a hefty crypto donation of one million US dollars ($1 million) to the people affected by the unceasing bushfires in Australia.

Binance CEO reaches out to Coronavirus victims

Now, another catastrophe to devastate life on planet earth is the Coronavirus outbreak. With more than two thousand seven hundred registered cases and over eighty deaths, the virus has disrupted the daily lives of people in China and Hong Kong as the governments declare the highest level of emergency in both regions.

Thus, in an attempt to assist Coronavirus-hit victims in their recovery, the media-friendly Binance CEO Zhao has confirmed to donate a gracious sum of money. According to him, in this case, crypto to end beneficiaries would not serve the purpose and that they would need help to make arrangements surrounding logistics.

He further went on to congratulate his team on doing their part in ensuring help reaches the victims at the earliest.

Meanwhile, BitGive Foundation, the world’s first non-profit organization powered by blockchain and Bitcoin, recently named Bitcoin as the most charity-friendly currency. Bitcoin has the ability to facilitate remote and private transactions that are not only affordable but also executed in real-time to ensure instant settlements.

Featured Image by Pixabay