Beware Coin Ticker app turns out to be a heavy source of virus

An app used to see the statistics of crypto tokens has recently been exposed of containing a virus. The app’s strange behavior led users to research further into the crypto application only to find that it contained a Trojan virus.

The app acted like a normal app and showed the prices of a variety of tokens across many different firms. Moreover, the app was limited to Mac users whose devices are considered as ‘impregnable,’ this convinced the many users that the app was, in fact, a secure and reliable app for token statistics.

The Trojan opens a pathway for two wide-spectrum backdoors but considering that the app was used for crypto-currencies, the real reason for the Trojan may very well be stealing tokens and other data of the users’ financial assets. The antivirus app that found the Trojan even said that the application was illegitimate since the very beginning.

The app may be average, but the website gives away the trick. The app is hosted on the domain while a legitimate website would have used the apps name in their URL. Moreover, it is suspicious that the application, despite being crypto-related is free to download. However, it is speculated that if the clients had any tokens stored on their devices, they are taken by the virus.

This tells us the need for secure data storage, even if the hackers took control of the clients’ devices they still wouldn’t be able to reach the token storage. As the crypto-sphere continues to grow these kinds of incidents will continue to surface, and it is important to keep a lookout to keep yourself and those around you from falling victim to these crypto frauds.