Best Takeovers in NBA 2K23: Enhance Your MyCareer Journey


  • Elevate your MyCareer in NBA 2K23 with these game-changing Takeovers!
  • Discover the best Takeovers for scoring, defending, and dominating the paint.
  • Mastering Takeovers can be the difference-maker in your virtual basketball journey.

In the world of NBA 2K23, mastering the art of Takeovers can be a game-changer in your MyCareer journey. These special abilities provide boosts and bonuses on the court, giving you the upper hand against your opponents. 

Unlocking takeovers: A quick overview

Before we delve into the best Takeovers, it’s crucial to understand how to activate and charge your Takeover meter. Your Takeover meter is displayed prominently at the top of the screen, and when it’s fully charged, it will be on fire, making it hard to miss. To activate your Takeover, simply press the action button.

To charge your Takeover meter, you need to perform well on the court. Making good shots, providing assists, playing solid defense, and grabbing rebounds all contribute positively. Conversely, taking bad shots will decrease your Takeover meter. Now, let’s explore some of the top Takeovers to elevate your MyCareer experience.

Advance post moves/post breakdowns: Dominating the paint

If you’re looking to dominate in the post, the Advance Post Moves and Post Breakdowns Takeovers should be your top choices. Advance Post Moves increases your chances of beating defenders with your post-moves, making it a breeze to get around them. On the other hand, Post Breakdown assists in pushing off defenders and positioning yourself for a successful shot. Both Takeovers significantly enhance your post-game, making them invaluable for players struggling with this aspect of their gameplay.

Post shot daggers: Scoring with ease

Scoring becomes a walk in the park with the Post Shot Daggers Takeover. This ability boosts your overall scoring potential, making hook shots, fades, and shimmy shots relatively easy to execute. If you want to be a scoring machine, especially in the post, Post Shot Daggers is a top pick.

Easy Blowbys: Unstoppable finishing

With the Easy Blowbys Takeover, you can easily cross up and blow by any defender off the dribble. This leads to unstoppable finishing at the rim, particularly when paired with the bully badge. Additionally, this Takeover significantly reduces the defensive impact on pull-ups and other skill shots, allowing you to take any shot type and “fade” and “green” it with confidence.

Limitless range: Become a deep threat

For players who want to extend their shooting range and become a deep threat, the Limitless Range Takeover is a must-have. It allows you to take shots that other players can’t, constantly keeping the defense on their toes. With this Takeover, envision yourself as a Damian Lillard-like threat from deep, forcing defenders to step farther back and leaving the zone open behind them. Note that there is also a badge for limitless range, but it requires a significant investment in three-pointer attribute points.

Ankle breaking shots: Dribbling mastery

The Ankle Breaking Shots Takeover is perfect for players who have mastered the art of dribbling in NBA 2K23. This ability enables you to perform back-step jumpers and make opponents lose their balance when you execute dribbling moves. Furthermore, achieving Hall of Fame status with this Takeover is relatively easy, making it one of the most coveted choices for skilled dribblers.

Power backdowns: Dominance in the paint

If you’re a Post Scorer looking to establish dominance in the paint, the Power Backdowns Takeover is your ticket to success. This Takeover makes it easier for you to push defenders out of the way when posting up. It becomes particularly useful when facing weaker centers in the paint, making inside scoring a piece of cake.

Enhanced jump shot contests: Locking down shooters

As shooting skills in NBA 2K23 require time to develop, the Enhanced Jump Shot Contests Takeover can be a game-changer for Lockdown Defenders. This ability assists Lockdown Defenders in contesting shots, making it difficult for the opposing shooter to execute a well-timed, green shot. If you want to shut down shooters and disrupt their rhythm, this Takeover is an excellent choice.

Finishing moves: Relentless scoring at the rim

For Slashers looking to improve their finishing ability at the rim, the Finishing Moves Takeover is a game-changer. It makes absorbing contact and scoring in contested situations easier, allowing you to consistently score from inside the paint.

Choosing the right Takeover can significantly impact your performance in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer mode. Whether you’re focused on dominating in the post, becoming a scoring machine, extending your shooting range, mastering dribbling, asserting dominance in the paint, or locking down shooters, there’s a Takeover that suits your playstyle. Remember to charge your Takeover meter by playing well on the court, and activate it at the right moment to turn the tide in your favor.

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