Explore Vast Worlds: The Best Multiplayer RPG Experiences on Xbox


  • 5 Xbox MMOs are listed.
  • Sea of Thieves is a pirate adventure, and Elder Scrolls is a fantasy world.
  • Fallout 76 improved, and Warframe and Temtem are free multiplayer.

RPG experience on Xbox, among many available MMO games, an abbreviation for “massively multiplayer online” games, are as unique as there are styles and subjects. These games usually come in the form of role-playing games, but they can also be played alone by someone if that player desires. However, they are primarily designed for all players to play together. Even if you’re by yourself, you’ll encounter other people as you explore the game’s world through Alhambra’s common objective and identical rules, which are also part of the gameplay in other parts.

Pirate and fantasy epics

Here are five Xbox games from the favorite MMO series, and the best option for combat fans is Warframe. Let’s do a burial expedition in a post-apocalyptic setting! And then why not select Fallout 76? If you fancy an MMO game that brings an element of Pokémon, then you are in for Temtem. If you are a high fantasy fan, The Elder Scrolls Online is better for you than anything else. 

However, if you are a pirate role-playing lover, Sea of Thieves is a game you will likely enjoy. Rare is the game developer who, till recently, agreed with Microsoft that exclusivity for the Xbox console is their domain. This game was initially released in 2018. Since then, the development team has continuously supported, facilitated, expanded, and packed it with new features and content. The island offers you a variety of activities, from rides by Leaky Tube Conveyor to the Monkey Island-themed content.

A journey through the Sea of Thieves may be undertaken solo, but teaming up with a gang of fellow shape-shifting sea captains will give you the most of the game. Together, the crew will direct the ship, keep it functional, act in combat with other pirates, and shipwreck to islands to collect precious treasure among everything else. The look of this game is perfect; you’ll never want to stop playing against your opponents, and the pirate life you’ll live with your friends is as amusing as it sounds. 

Post-apocalyptic and F2P hits

The Elder Scrolls Online is also an MMO on the Xbox. Like others, it can be played merely by one player, but you will have more fun playing it with your friends. There’s a huge world to explore and one that’s only set to get bigger: for the last few years actually, they’ve launched major expansions every February without exception, and let me remind you, Blackwood, High Isle, and Necrom, they are the most recent, and Gold Road is going to launch on Xbox in June. 

Warframe has almost spent as much time on the Xbox as it has served previously, and it still manages to be one of the most popular MMOs you can play now. That’s no surprise, especially when you count on the hard work the developer, Digital Extremes, has been putting in. And you know, it keeps you from feeling like you are doing the same thing repeatedly since it is a bit of a unique one, specifically where you build your titular tenno soldier. Last but not least, it can be said that the biggest reason for its success is that it’s free to play.

That’s right: they will surely be attracted as they can enter warframe any time without giving a cent. All the game elements can be spun in without additional charges; for players, this may mean buying various paid items. Luckily, you don’t have to buy anything, but you should get ready to work extra hard to go through some of the game’s more gritty aspects. However, the easier part of the attraction is true, providing you have the right company and no one is left out. 

At the end of the list, but not at all, Temtem, a fan of Pokemon, you will like it too. This is what I can call the last stop for awesome MMOs on Xbox. However, it’s not quite a Pokémon copy, as the game has been strategically designed for multiplayer activities. It’s still very much based on capturing and battling creatures. At first, you’ll select one creature companion, the Temtem, and develop a whole collection over time.

While meeting the different types of epochs with a six-island layout, you will encounter Temtem battles, adventure places, and rare creatures that can collect and fight against them. Besides, having a virtual house is possible; it can be tailor-made in many ways, enabling you to have your own space. Though individuals who require it on their own may face other players, you won’t regret playing it in a cooperative; it’s the best way to enjoy this creature-filled adventure.

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