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  • Each crypto trading platform offers different features and utilities.
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Crypto is replacing traditional means of investment and has attracted investors due to the hefty benefits. For this reason, the number of people investing in crypto is increasing. It has led to the question of how an investor can avail a crypto trading platform that is reliable and for the best benefit of the investor.

The huge investments in crypto have led to problems like scams and other issues. There is a need for crypto trading platforms that are for the best benefit of the investor and don’t let their money sink. Many reliable names in the market provide services in this domain and have developed a wide fanbase because of their uncompromised services.

Here is a brief overview of the best crypto trading platforms in the US and how investors can benefit from them.

Crypto Trading Platforms – An Introduction

Crypto trading can occur if someone invests their fiat money using an exchange and purchases crypto from there. These platforms can help keep a check on the data related to investments. A reliable trading platform will provide real-time data that the user will analyze and then make timely decisions.

If a trading platform doesn’t provide real-time data or works slow, it won’t be used. Thus, the investor will see if they need to make a profitable move. Different crypto exchanges will provide stats, but the problem is that there is no surety for the market situation due to volatility, so the user will have to check on the situation regularly.

We have listed some of the best crypto platforms in the US that will benefit their investments and provide reliable data. Here is a brief overview of them.

Some of the Best Crypto Trading Platforms in the US

Each of these trading platforms has been listed here, keeping in view their ease of use, ease of understanding, and a special emphasis on beginners’ convenience.


Coinbase is one of the best trading platforms, with more than 100 cryptocurrencies available. For a long time, it has been a reliable platform for investors and has provided uninterrupted services and updates to investors. The fee on Coinbase is 1.99%, both in the case of the maker and taker fee.

Though it provides you access to investment in popular names like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., the problem is the absence of Dogecoin on this platform. It is beginner-friendly and offers services at a low fee. Forbes has rated it 4.5 out of 5.


Binance.US is relatively cheaper than Coinbase, and the maker/taker fee on this platform is 0.1%. The number of cryptocurrencies available on this platform is limited, and there are more than fifty. The security of this trading platform is reliable because of its being associated with the giant called Binance. Binance offers users incentives in the form of lower fees for those who invest more on their platform.

The benefit of this platform is the low fee compared to its competitors and the best services. There are comprehensive dashboards for the users, called simple and advanced dashboards. This platform provides real-time data using these dashboards.

There are different order types available on this site, making it one of the best options for trading. Forbes has rated it 4.9 of 5.


Kraken has developed customer trust because of its stay there in the market for more than a decade. It was developed in 2011 and had been serving customers since then. The maker fee on this platform is about 0.16%, while the taker fee is 0.26%.

There are more than 90 cryptocurrencies available on this site, and more will be added with time. Excessive details on this site are good for experienced users but might be confusing for beginners. Forbes has rated it 4.8 out of 5. is another trading site that can be used to invest in cryptocurrency. The maker fee on this site is 0.40%, while the taker fee is the same. There are more than 170 cryptocurrencies on this site, and it has one of the widest ranges available.

The only problem with this platform is the high-trading fee for those investors who have invested in a low volume.  

Forbes has rated it 4.7 out of 5 based on its features and services.

Final Thoughts

The investor can take benefit of different crypto trading platforms available online. Each offers specific incentives, and the user can see which one is better for their investment. The above-given detail will help them choose one of the best crypto trading platforms in the US. 

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