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The rising popularity of the Solana blockchain has attracted more developers to this platform to develop their games using its features. Here are some of the most popular blockchain games on Solana that you should try out.


StepN is the perfect way to kick-start your fitness journey and easily track your progress. StepN will use your smartphone’s GPS to record your activity securely and transparently every time you go for a run, jog, or walk.

Before each session, users can choose from digital sneakers to represent their activity levels while exercising.

The game motivates you to stay active and reach goals and rewards you with $GST – the currency native to StepN’s blockchain – every time you do so! Additionally, energy is limited in StepN as it dictates how long players can earn digital tokens – owning multiple pairs of virtual sneakers means even more rewards for keeping fit!

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an ambitious new gaming metaverse combining blockchain technology, cutting-edge 3D graphics, and exciting multiplayer gameplay.

Its dynamic environment offers a unique chance to immerse in interstellar adventures; players are encouraged to take on any of the three specialized factions: humankind, alien or robotic species, vying for resources, and a shot at territorial domination. In addition, the game has integrated features like battling systems and farming/crafting for maximum player interaction.

Prospectors have an extra boost with the promise of hidden treasures from unexplored planets that can contain lucrative resources.

Video game fans now have a remarkable digital experience to look forward to – the rewards of exploration await all daring players who wish to venture into Star Atlas’ Realm!


Aurory is an exciting JRPG and NFT game where players can explore and evolve in a vibrant and layered universe.

The game contains two distinct biomes, Antik and Cryptos, and a wide selection of NPCs and Nefties, mystical creatures you can collect, train and battle against other players. By owning Nefties, you can augment your powers while creating a unique presence in the world.

Your Avatar or player identity comes alive in the form of Aurorians. Non–Fungible Tokens allow you to customize your character, access new game modes, and gain rewards on the Serum DeX. So create your legacy in Aurora today!


Genopets is a revolutionary blockchain-based game that combines real-world physical activity with expansive in-game adventure.

This free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT game rewards users for taking regular steps toward their health and fitness goals. Players can explore, battle, and evolve collectible Genopets – digital creatures who inhabit Esoterra, the home planet in the Genoverse.

As users take action in the real world, they progress through the game’s levels, earn crypto, and receive upgrades for their digital companion – all while having fun! Genopets make staying active more rewarding than ever before!


The gaming experience at MonkeyLeague is unique in many respects. Combining multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance, the turn-based soccer game offers players a truly engaging game that rewards skill and effort. Not only can they compete in the global tournament, but they also play to earn through multiple channels. But more than that, one of its greatest strengths is the concept of asset portability – an idea most gamers would not have encountered before. Players hold their Monkeys and Stadiums as NFTs and tokens (MonkeyBucks $MBS).

Eventually, players can even take part in governing decisions through the DAO governance token ($SCORE). MonkeyLeague is revolutionizing esports metaverses by presenting opportunities for gamers to create, play, compete, and earn like never before.

Defi Land

DeFi Land provides the perfect opportunity for players new to the world of DeFi. Everything is gathered in one central location, making it more straightforward and accessible than ever before to participate in the exciting landscape of decentralized finance.

Players can participate in various activities, such as grinding their way up through tiers, competing with other players, crafting, and trading without spending a cent. Moreover, by connecting the wallet to DeFi Land, players can freely swap crypto tokens or manage portfolios and advance their game progress. Transitioning into DeFi does not get any better than this!


Decimated offers players an immersive gaming experience where they can battle the system and other players to survive.

This single-player and multiplayer game is a post-apocalyptic near-future, where dystopia reigns. Players have the unique opportunity to roleplay any characters offered to drive the narrative, from a law enforcement officer or citizen to a scavenger, trader, or bounty hunter.

There are also plenty of activities—loot for resources, transport cargo, and VIPs, collect legal or illegal resources and trade them, hunt legendary creatures, capture territory, and build safe houses for their gang—all competing to earn crypto (DIO).

The game takes place on an expansive 64 km2 map using Unreal Engine 4 technology. So if you’re looking for your next gaming fix that supplies endless adventure opportunities, Decimated is worth checking out!


SolChicks Saga is an exciting new way to play to earn, with the unique SolChicks NFTs used as game characters.

With three game modes – Adventure, Raid, and Player vs. Player – it’s made for endless fun between friends and foes. You can use your SolChick character to explore and farm items, secret treasures, or rewards in each mode. Plus, treat them as virtual pets too! So check out SolChicks Saga today; take advantage of the unique experience this P2E multiplayer role-playing game offers.


Starbots presents a unique and exciting way to play with robots.

Players can construct their own BattleBots by collecting NFT items, each of which can customize different robot components such as body, weapon, gadget, and wheels. Then you are ready to take your Starbot into battle against other players.

The game has an intergalactic theme to make things even more thrilling. In the game, you explore space alongside Stardogs with mission objectives that involve competing in online battles and collecting GEAR tokens. Ultimately, Starbots is an exhilarating platform for anyone who wants to build and manage custom-made robots to complete missions and gain rewards.


DarleyGo stands apart from other blockchain-based games because it offers its players the unique ability to create, race, and breed their own NFT horses.

Each horse is unique and is mined on Solana’s smart contract technology, boasting characteristics and abilities that will please any budding equestrian. Each horse also has the potential to become a champion as players work to train it for victory on the track or in breeding competitions.

As a world-first NFT horse racing game based on mythological creatures, DarleyGo opens new doors for digital creativity and entertainment. Furthermore, its commitment to introducing more people to blockchain technology makes it easy to gain access and develop an understanding of it through interactive gaming. This exciting and educational experience is sure to appease gamers of all ages!

Cricket Star Manager

Cricket Star Manager is a first-of-its-kind mobile game where players become cricket team managers and guide their teams to success.

It’s a field of dreams come true as each cricket manager starts with their furry patch of grass that players can transform into full-blown (and mintable) NFT stadiums over time.

In between matches, things only get more exciting, as the manager can train cricket players to level up their abilities and become even more competitive in their respective leagues. This ties in nicely with the ability to mint player cards as an NFT and then trade them on the marketplace – the ultimate reward for any astute cricket team manager’s wheeling and dealing!

Finally, managers will only spend those match days alone; As spectators confirm, nothing beats cheering for your home team to victory!


The future of blockchain gaming looks bright, with all the new and exciting ways to play to earn presented here.

Whether you’re looking for an intergalactic adventure, a chance to breed mythical creatures or become the next cricket star manager, there’s something out there for everyone.

It is now easy to gain access to and develop an understanding of blockchain technology through interactive gaming. This exciting and educational experience is sure to please gamers of all ages! So don’t wait; start your journey into the world of play-to-earn and unlock the potential of blockchain gaming today!


How much do Solana blockchain games cost?

The cost of playing a Solana blockchain game varies depending on your game. Many games offer free-to-play elements as well as in-game purchases or subscription fees.

Which is the best blockchain to build an NFT game?

Solana is one of the best blockchain networks for building an NFT game, thanks to its scalability and fast transaction times.

Are Solana games secure?

All games built on the Solana blockchain are highly secure and use strong cryptography to keep user data safe.

Is there a way to make money playing Solana blockchain games?

Yes, some Solana blockchain games offer players the ability to earn rewards through tokens or cryptocurrency. You can then exchange these rewards for real-world currency.

Our content is derived from a thorough research, yet we acknowledge the potential for deserving businesses to be overlooked. If you’re a business owner or a reader who believes a valuable business is missing from our list, write to us at [email protected].

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