Ben Armstrong exits BitBoy crypto amid internal strife and speculation

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  • Ben Armstrong, the driving force behind BitBoy Crypto, has left Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings and its associated brands.
  • Armstrong mentioned an “attempted revolution” within his organization, led by TJ Shedd and Justin Williams, but remains confident in his position.
  • Crypto fraud investigator, ZachXBT, raised questions about Armstrong’s ties to “shady” meme currencies.

Ben Armstrong, the influential figure behind BitBoy Crypto, has announced his departure from Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings and all its subsidiary brands, including BitBoy Crypto and Around The Blockchain. Armstrong confirmed the news on his account, joinBENCoin, and was initially brought to light by Bitcoin blogger Jason A. Williams.

Armstrong’s exit comes amid internal turmoil within his organization. He revealed an “attempted revolution” led by TJ Shedd and Justin Williams but expressed confidence that they are “at a disadvantage.” While Armstrong did not elaborate on the details, his comments indicate that he maintains a sense of control despite his exit.

The crypto community has been buzzing with theories about Armstrong’s sudden departure. ZachXBT, a crypto fraud investigator, has questioned Armstrong’s involvement with various “shady” meme currencies. Although no definitive link has been established, the timing of his exit has fueled speculation.

Armstrong has previously faced criticism for allegedly selling tokens after recommending them to his audience and promoting potentially risky investments through affiliate connections. These controversies have made some wonder whether his departure is a strategic move to distance himself from potential liabilities.

After Armstrong’s departure, one of the most pressing questions is the future of his digital currency, BEN. Despite speculation about its potential demise, Armstrong quickly dismissed such theories. His statement suggests that he plans to remain active in the cryptocurrency industry, leaving the door open for future involvement with BEN or other projects.

The news has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency industry. Adam Cochran, a notable figure in the crypto space, humorously suggested that an impending investigation might be the reason for Armstrong’s exit, adding more fuel to the speculative fire.

Armstrong’s departure leaves a void at BitBoy Crypto, a platform that has influenced opinions and trends in the cryptocurrency market. Whether the brand can maintain its relevance without its key contributor remains to be seen.

While Armstrong’s exit raises more questions than it answers, one thing is clear, it marks a significant moment in the cryptocurrency industry, and its ramifications are yet to be fully understood.

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