Australia in panic mode as crypto faces banking crisis

Australia in panic mode as crypto faces banking crisis

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  • Australia faces a banking crisis with increasing de-banking in the crypto industry.
  • The Government, led by Treasurer Dr. Jim Chalmers MP, commits to addressing the issue.
  • Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) proposed four recommendations: data collection, transparency and fairness measures, guidance by major banks, and a ‘capability uplift’.
  • The Government agrees to data collection and supports the other recommendations in principle.

Australia finds itself on the precipice of a significant banking dilemma as crypto enterprises encounter increasing de-banking occurrences.

With the emergence of digital currencies, Australia’s banking sector is grappling to strike a balance between supporting innovative business operations and managing the risks associated with financial crimes and sanctions compliance.

Australia’s battle against crypto de-banking

De-banking, a phenomenon where banks refuse or cease to provide services to specific customers, is not limited to Australia. However, it has become a mounting challenge, escalating worries within the nation’s growing cryptocurrency industry.

This situation has spurred the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) into action, and the Government acknowledges that a lack of decisive action could hamper innovation and competition in the financial sector.

In response, Australia’s Government, led by Treasurer Dr. Jim Chalmers MP, has committed to address this emerging issue, understanding the need to maintain a delicate balance.

On one hand, the business needs of these burgeoning sectors require nurturing, while on the other, the banks need to manage their inherent risks and resources judiciously.

Recommendations for an evolving financial ecosystem

In the wake of the increasing de-banking concerns, the CFR proposed four recommendations in their report to the Government, intending to offer a roadmap for the situation.

First among them was the call for data collection. The Government, acknowledging the challenges surrounding this issue, agrees that data collection is pivotal.

Working with APRA and the major banks, the Government will facilitate voluntary data collection to monitor the extent and nature of de-banking. This initiative will not only offer insights into current practices but will also shape future policy formulation and monitoring.

Secondly, the CFR’s recommendation emphasized the importance of transparency and fairness in de-banking measures.

The suggested measures include documentation of reasons for de-banking a customer, offering customers access to internal dispute resolution procedures, and providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice before closing existing core banking services.

The Government supports these measures in principle and aims to work with banks and AUSTRAC to implement them to the greatest extent possible.

The third recommendation advised the four major banks to provide clear guidance about their risk tolerance and requirements to bank digital currency exchanges (DCEs), FinTech, and remittance sectors.

By doing so, the Government hopes to foster more effective communication between banks and both existing and potential customers.

Lastly, the CFR suggested a ‘capability uplift’ through targeted education, outreach, and guidance to the FinTech, DCE, and remittance sectors. The Government acknowledges the potential benefits of such initiatives and will consider them as part of future endeavors.

Australia’s response to de-banking will be a significant determinant of the nation’s financial future, potentially impacting the burgeoning crypto industry and other sectors reliant on banking services.

While the challenges are evident, the commitment to address them head-on signifies a promising step towards a more comprehensive and inclusive financial environment.

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