Innovative Augmented Reality Exhibit Revives Warwick’s Great Fire of 1694


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  • Experience Warwick’s Great Fire of 1694 through cutting-edge augmented reality at Market Hall Museum. History comes to life!
  • Augmented reality technology breathes new life into historical events, as seen in the Market Hall Museum’s captivating exhibit.
  • Witness the past, explore the future: Discover how AR is transforming museum experiences at Warwick’s Market Hall Museum.

Warwick, UK – History enthusiasts and curious minds alike can now step back in time and witness a pivotal moment in Warwick’s history with the launch of an immersive augmented reality exhibit at the Market Hall Museum. Developed by leading augmented reality specialists, RiVR, this cutting-edge technology breathes life into the devastating Great Fire that swept through Warwick on September 5, 1694.

Transported over 300 years back in time

Utilizing the latest advancements in augmented reality, this free exhibition invites visitors to experience the dramatic events that forever altered the landscape of Warwick. Armed with a tablet device, attendees can embark on a virtual journey through a 3D model of Warwick during the medieval era. The exhibit meticulously recreates the town’s historical setting, allowing visitors to follow the path of the devastating fire as it ignited in houses opposite the Lord Leycester’s hospital and quickly engulfed the town.

Voices from the past

One of the exhibition’s most captivating features is the inclusion of first-hand accounts from individuals who lived through the harrowing Great Fire of 1694. These accounts have been painstakingly reconstructed from historical documents preserved at the museum. Warwickshire County Council’s culture spokesperson, Coun Heather Timms, emphasized the significance of this immersive experience, stating, “The fire of 1694 drastically affected many people and their livelihoods, and Warwick was changed forever. Houses were rebuilt in a more modern style and in more fireproof brick and stone. This can all be seen through this innovative interactive display at Market Hall Museum.”

Augmented reality technology comes to life

Augmented reality technology has opened up new avenues for museums and historical sites to engage visitors in a dynamic and educational way. By combining historical accuracy with the latest technological innovations, the Market Hall Museum’s exhibit provides a unique opportunity to explore Warwick’s rich history. 

Council spokesperson Coun Heather Timms noted, “Through the use of augmented reality technology, we can bring this historical event to life, and I hope that many will take the opportunity to explore this fascinating part of Warwick’s history, as well as explore all that the museum has to offer.”

A glimpse into the past and a bright future

The augmented reality exhibit not only sheds light on a critical moment in Warwick’s history but also showcases the potential of technology to enrich the visitor experience at museums and cultural institutions. As the market for interactive and educational exhibits continues to grow, the Market Hall Museum’s innovative approach serves as a prime example of how history can be made accessible and engaging to all.

The Market Hall Museum’s augmented reality exhibit offers an extraordinary opportunity to witness the Great Fire of 1694 in Warwick, a pivotal event that left an indelible mark on the town’s landscape. Through the fusion of historical accuracy and cutting-edge technology, visitors can immerse themselves in the past, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and resilience of those who lived through this catastrophic event. This exhibit exemplifies the power of augmented reality to revitalize history and provide a captivating educational experience for all who visit.

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