Atomic Wallet Launches $1 Million Bug Bounty Program to Enhance Security


  • Atomic Wallet has established comprehensive guidelines for its Bug Bounty Program, including specific response targets and a detailed disclosure policy, requiring participants to provide thorough reports with reproducible steps.
  • The program emphasizes responsible testing, strictly prohibiting any form of social engineering, disruptive, or harmful methods to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the security research.

Atomic Wallet, a leader in the decentralized wallet space, announced the launch of its Bug Bounty Program with an impressive prize pool of USD 1,000,000.

The initiative invites security experts and enthusiasts worldwide to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in the Atomic Wallet App, aiming to bolster security for its global user base.

A global call for enhanced Wallet security

Atomic Wallet’s Bug Bounty Program is a significant step in proactively strengthening the app’s security. “Recent events in the blockchain industry have underscored the importance of dynamic cybersecurity,” said Konstantin Gladych, Founder of Atomic Wallet. He emphasized the value of leveraging global community expertise to maintain the highest security standards. The program is designed to encourage and reward individuals who contribute to identifying and resolving security issues, ensuring a secure and seamless user experience for millions.

The Bug Bounty Program is open to anyone with the skills and determination to enhance Atomic Wallet’s security infrastructure. It includes experienced cybersecurity professionals and passionate hobbyists. The program offers various rewards, ranging from $100,000 for discovering vulnerabilities that could lead to wallet attacks without physical access, to lower sums for less critical risks. The cumulative $1,000,000 prize pool reflects Atomic Wallet’s commitment to top-tier data security and app functionality.

Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Bug Bounty Policy, Program Rules, and submission guidelines to ensure effective and transparent collaboration with Atomic Wallet’s security team.

Atomic Wallet’s scope and rewards of the Bug Bounty program

The scope of the program encompasses Atomic Wallet’s applications across various platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop versions on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora, as well as its web services. Rewards are tiered based on the severity of the vulnerabilities discovered, with up to $100,000 available for the most critical risks.

The company has established comprehensive guidelines for its Bug Bounty Program to ensure clarity and efficiency in its operation. These guidelines include specific response targets and a well-defined disclosure policy, setting a clear framework for participants. The program mandates that participants must submit detailed reports that include reproducible steps, emphasizing the importance of precision and clarity in the reporting process. The approach is designed to facilitate the swift identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing the overall security of the wallet.

Furthermore, Atomic Wallet places a strong emphasis on responsible testing within its Bug Bounty Program. Participants are strictly prohibited from employing any form of social engineering, disruptive, or harmful methods during their testing. The restriction is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the program and ensuring that the testing process does not negatively impact the wallet’s functionality or user experience. By setting these boundaries, Atomic Wallet aims to foster an environment of ethical and constructive security research, contributing to the robustness and reliability of its platform.

The Bug Bounty Program is part of Atomic Wallet’s ongoing efforts to ensure the highest security standards in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. By engaging with the global community, Atomic Wallet aims to stay ahead of potential threats and continuously improve its security posture.


Atomic Wallet’s $1,000,000 Bug Bounty Program represents a significant investment in the security and integrity of its platform. By tapping into the collective expertise of the global cybersecurity community, Atomic Wallet is taking a proactive and collaborative approach to safeguarding its users’ assets and reinforcing its position as a trusted leader in the decentralized wallet space.

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