NFT $CAR: Artist Shl0ms launches NFT auction featuring parts from a destroyed Lamborghini

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• Artist Shl0ms sends a great message in his new auction, according to Fortune magazine.
• Destroyed Lamborghini NFT Collection will be released on February 25th.

A young artist blew up his luxury car for an online auction. According to reports, the artist Shl0ms, well-known on Twitter, has shown the latest non-fungible collection. This is a non-fungible part from destroying his Lamborghini Huracan series vehicle.

This post by the artist attracted a lot of positive and negative feedback. Many fans wonder why Shl0ms didn’t just take the vehicle and sell it as a non-fungible token instead of blowing it up into thousands of pieces.

Shl0ms message with his latest NFT collection


Since the non-fungible market reached its highest point in 2021, not surprisingly, several artists released their unique pieces of Shl0ms. This genius has developed several NFT collections, including the most brilliant presentation of his Lamborghini Huracán series. For many of his fans, this collection is daring, fiery, and dark in every sense of the word.

Fortune, the global business magazine, marks this NFT collection as an explosive one that conveys the fight against greed linked to the crypto market. However, Shl0ms neither accepts nor refutes the non-fungible collection review.

Shl0ms baptizes the collection as $CAR and comprises nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces from the destroyed Lamborghini. The parts taken from the vehicle were recorded and converted into NFTS to be sold. Some 111 pieces were distributed to the fans who participated in the project to auction them or keep them as souvenirs, while the remaining 888 pieces will be published in the coming days.

Value of a destroyed Lamborghini

Shl0ms will soon make NFT trading history after launching the Destroyed Lamborghini Collection. The 888 pieces of the car will be auctioned at a value of 0.01 ETH, over $25.

With the launch of the NFT collection, the developer will show how the vehicle was exploited to authenticate that the auctioned pieces are legitimate. Shl0ms uploaded a short video to his Twitter profile showing the destruction. But the artist denied that his non-fungible collection is supported by the Italian brand or other car companies.

The Shl0ms auction is likely to succeed, considering there are a lot of NFT fans out there. The developer shows that digital commerce expands beyond the Muntant Ape Yacht Club collection.

But Shl0ms launched his collection to raise awareness that, just as Lamborghini was volatile, so could the non-fungible market.

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