Arkham Intel Exchange Approves $5K Bounty for Information


  • Arkham Intel Exchange approves a $5,000 bounty for details on Terra co-founder Do Kwon and wallets linked to the platform, amidst ongoing regulatory scrutiny in South Korea and Do Kwon’s imprisonment in Montenegro.
  • The controversial platform sparks debates in the crypto community, raising questions about transparency, accountability, and privacy in the cryptocurrency industry.

In a daring move that has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community, the Arkham Intel Exchange, a platform aimed at enhancing transparency in the blockchain world, has recently approved a substantial $5,000 bounty. The enticing reward is to encourage individuals to step forward with crucial information regarding Terra co-founder, Do Kwon, and the wallets associated with the platform. As Terra remains under regulatory scrutiny in South Korea, and with Do Kwon currently confined in a Montenegrin prison, the crypto world awaits with bated breath for the potential revelations that could emerge from this unprecedented initiative.

Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon’s Incarceration and Cryptocurrency Scrutiny Continue

In the midst of ongoing scrutiny surrounding Terra, a popular blockchain platform, and its co-founder, Do Kwon, the Arkham Intel Exchange has made an unprecedented move by approving a $5,000 bounty for information on Do Kwon and Terra wallets. The platform, which aims to “deanonymize the blockchain,” received its first submission from two self-proclaimed “on-chain sleuths,” leading to a significant bounty payment in their cryptocurrency, Arkham (ARKM). This development comes at a time when Terra is under increasing regulatory pressure, and Do Kwon himself is in a Montenegrin prison. The submitted information reportedly contradicts public statements from Terra, raising questions about the platform’s transparency and accountability.

Arkham Intel Exchange’s Controversial Launch and Purpose

Launched on July 10, the Arkham Intel Exchange has garnered mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some view it as an essential tool to enhance transparency and accountability in the crypto space, while others dismiss it as a mere “glorified snitching service.” The platform allows users to post bounties seeking information on blockchain transactions, promising to release the data to the public after a 90-day approval period. This timeline means that the information on Do Kwon and Terra’s wallet addresses may become available to the public in late October.

The decision to offer a substantial bounty for information on Do Kwon and Terra wallets raises questions about the motivations behind the submissions. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, concerns about privacy, security, and regulatory compliance remain at the forefront of discussions.

Terra’s Troubles and Co-Founder Shin Hyun-seong’s Legal Battle

Terra, best known for its algorithmic stablecoin, TerraClassicUSD (USTC), faced significant controversy during the 2022 crypto market crash when the USTC debugged from the United States dollar. The incident led to increased scrutiny from authorities and the wider crypto community, questioning the stability and reliability of algorithmic stablecoins.

Adding to Terra’s woes, co-founder Do Kwon’s whereabouts were shrouded in mystery for several months between May 2022 and March 2023. In a dramatic turn of events, authorities in Montenegro arrested him for using forged travel documents, resulting in a four-month prison sentence. His incarceration has added fuel to the fire surrounding Terra’s operations and has likely contributed to the heightened interest in identifying the platform’s wallet addresses.

Meanwhile, another co-founder of Terra, Shin Hyun-Seong, also known as Daniel Shin, is facing legal troubles in South Korea. Reports suggest that Shin had his first hearing regarding charges related to allegedly illicit profits from the sale of LUNA tokens. This further complicates Terra’s position and raises questions about the platform’s governance and internal controls.


As Terra continues to weather the storm of regulatory scrutiny and internal challenges, the Arkham Intel Exchange’s decision to offer a bounty for information on Do Kwon and Terra wallets further underscores the need for transparency in the cryptocurrency space. With concerns over privacy, security, and regulatory compliance remaining paramount, stakeholders must find a delicate balance between anonymity and accountability.

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