Ark Survival Ascended Adds Xiphactinus to Core Dinosaur Roster

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  • The latest update of Ark Survival Ascended with the Xiphactinus, the fearsome dinosaur, is now the part of the core dinosaur roster.
  • Studio Wildcard blends the mod with the main game by integration of a Xiphactinus into Ark Survival Ascended.
  • Clash with the implacable Xiphactinus in the mid-May update of Ark Survival Ascended – the latest fascinating addition to the game’s water world.

Ark Survival Ascended is preparing to welcome a new member of the core dinosaur team in May. One of the newest aquatic marvels that has been taking over the Ark world is the mighty Xiphactinus, which comes from the popular Ark Additions mod series.

Popular mode transitions to the main game

The fans of Ark Survival Ascended have cause to rejoice as the Xiphactinus, a favorite from the Ark Additions mod, is about to enter the official game. Working hand in hand with the famous modder ‘Garuga123,’ Studio Wildcard transfers a lot of highly appraised creations of the modding community into the game experience to allow players to see those creatures in a vivid manner without additional downloads.

The Xiphactinus has become so popular within the Ark community that its Ark Survival Ascended alone has received more than 1.6 million downloads. With its core game inclusion, players should seek for and expect to encounter the tough creatures while enjoying their regular gameplay.

Encounter the ferocious Xiphactinus

The description given by Studio Wildcard as ruthless and ferocious, the Xiphactinus is an overwhelming appearance in the water of Ark Survival Ascended. Looking like a combination of a tuna and a piranha, these creatures have a voracious appetite that is in proportion to their size. Because it is known to be predatory, this Xiphactinus will eat everything in sight, thereby posing the greatest threat to the players. Studio Wildcard warns players to be on their guard when near open waters, as a shoal of the said dangerous fish can undoubtedly result in a fight for life.

The official version of the Xiphactinus will have some design changes compared to its modded counterpart, which will make it a new and exciting encounter for players. Although they are not really resistant, their speed and ability to inflict bleeding makes them powerful opponents, especially when they are encountered in groups.

Source: Raasclark

Arrival of Xiphactinus in mid-May

Ark enthusiasts will not have to wait long to face off against the Xiphactinus, with Studio Wildcard confirming its debut in mid-May. In line with this, gamers can also expect the release of the original Ark Ceratosaurus, also by Garuga123. For PC Game Pass subscribers, Survival Ascended is now included in the Microsoft gaming collection without any additional expenditure. 

With the evolution of Ark Survival Ascended, the Xiphactinus is introduced to the game which will provide exciting new gameplay experiences for the adventurers who are brave enough to face the open waters. The seamless inclusion of this creature into the core game reveals itself as another chapter of the infinite universe of Ark Survival Ascended. 

Lovers of Ark Survival Ascended can start the journey of the Xiphactinus soon and will be given the chance to find a unique tidbit from the extraordinary history of our planet and to begin their epic adventure within the game. With Studio Wildcard’s determination to merge mods and core gameplay, the horizon is full of opportunities for both experienced players and newbies.

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