Arbitrum Airdrop boosts On-Chain activity but fails to sustain new user growth



  • Arbitrum airdrop indicates increased on-chain activity.
  • Nansen’s data shows that transactions and daily users persisted at historically high levels even after the airdrop.

The much-awaited Arbitrum airdrop, which aims to empower the community and decentralize the network, has increased on-chain activity, including transactions and daily users. Data shows a slow fall in the number of new wallets making their first transaction, despite the initial euphoria, indicating a struggle in maintaining new user growth.

Arbitrum Airdrop drives On-Chain surge

According to a report, an updated analysis from the on-chain analytics company Nansen describes what transpired with the Arbitrum network following its well-known airdrop event. The analytics firm examined how the airdrop affected the chain’s ecosystem, from maintaining the spike in users and transactions to a fall in new wallets making their first transaction. 

The Arbitrum Foundation airdropped its brand-new token to qualified community members on March 23. The transition of the company into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), according to the company, was made possible by ARB tokens.

Nansen examined the blockchain‘s performance in several measures on-chain more than two months following the airdrop. The analytics firm noted in a recent analysis that the surge in on-chain activity had continued.

According to Nansen’s data, transactions and daily users persisted at historically high levels even after the airdrop.

The data also demonstrated an upward trend in gas expenditure on the Layer 2 Network, demonstrating expansion in the chain’s usage. Similar trends could also be seen in the value of transfers. 

While several data indicated that the ecosystem had grown significantly, the number of wallets making their initial transactions gradually decreased following the airdrop. This shows that fewer new users have joined since the well-attended event.

Despite this, the Layer 2 network could still hold onto a sizeable portion of Ethereum‘s bridging volume. According to data, after the airdrop, the gross volume of the Ethereum bridge to Arbitrum remained high.

Data revealed that following the airdrop, the gross volume of Ethereum bridging to Arbitrum remained robust, with the Layer 2 Network maintaining its second-largest position only after Polygon.

One of the most anticipated crypto events in the first half of 2023 was the Arbitrum airdrop. As a result, an airdrop season was launched, and some airdrop hunters were able to gather tokens and combine holdings worth up to $3.3 million into two wallets. 

Arbitrum Airdrop empowers holders in DAO transition

Medium stated on March 28 that the Arbitrum airdrop was one of the greatest and most generous airdrops since APTOS and Blur. The airdrop of slightly more than one billion tokens was sent to over 600,000 wallet addresses. The minimum and maximum number of tokens eligible for the airdrop were 625 and 10,250, respectively.

As a result of the airdrop, which the network describes as an “official transition” into a DAO, holders can vote on important matters affecting the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks.

When we fast-forward, the initial buzz and excitement are slowly dying, and enthusiasts are already anticipating what’s coming from Arbitrum and the rest of Offchain Labs. The recipients of the lavish generosity were still relishing the reward for their active participation in the ARB community and the broader crypto space.

Arbitrum’s path to decentralization: Airdrop and DAO

An Ethereum layer-two scaling solution called Arbitrum launched its token airdrop (ARB) on March 23 and has since garnered much interest. Offchain Labs created the network entity. The company raised $120 million in a Series B funding round in September 2021. With the Layer 2 Network, Ethereum’s smart contracts should be more scalable and effective while still being maintained.

The goal of Arbitrum was to improve the efficiency and scalability of Ethereum’s smart contracts while providing additional privacy safeguards.

Decentralizing its networks and opening up the company’s environment and technologies to the public are two of the Networks’s stated objectives. Only two of its many methods for giving all sub-communities a voice are the airdrop and DAO. The official conversion of the blockchain to a DAO will be announced via the Arbitrum airdrop, which will also allow holders of ARB tokens to vote on protocol upgrades.Binance reported that there will be a total of 10 billion ARB tokens in circulation. The Arbitrum community will hold 56% of these tokens, while 11.5% will be distributed to eligible users through the airdrop.

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