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All crypto influencers and Web3 project founders EXPOSED?

All crypto influencers and Web3 project founders EXPOSED?
TL;DR Breakdown
  • An Anonymous Twitter user is planning of releasing over 100GB of Telegram messages, exposing popular crypto influencers and project founders. 
  • The Anon claimed many influencers engaged in scams, rug pulls, and even sexual assaults and assassinations. 
  • The information could wreck the crypto market, but many doubts the veracity of the calms. 

The cryptocurrency market could be heading down towards the coldest moments as more drama, tension, and FUDs keep sprouting. 

In a lengthy thread of tweets, an anonymous Twitter user claimed to have obtained over 100GB worth of Telegram messages of famous crypto influencers plotting rugs, sexual assaults, the assassination of project founders, and even scamming retail investors. The Anon plans on releasing this information to the general public in different batches within the coming weeks. 

A vulnerability in Telegram allowed exploiters spy on crypto influencers

The Anon said one of his colleagues discovered a vulnerability on Telegram three years ago, which upon exploiting it, enabled them to recreate an invite to access recent messages and page overview of any Telegram group of an individual user without having to join the group. 

With such access, the Anon began monitoring several crypto influencers and investors, starting October 2019 up until May 2022. The Anon claimed to have written a script that downloaded all the messages or targeted individuals to a private server. Due to overwhelming messages, the Anon began stepping down to spy on only a selected popular figures and traders. 

The Anon admitted to profiting from some of the information shared by the crypto influencers and investors but revealed these individuals also generated financial and social success from scams and rug pulls.

I felt like a part of it even though I had no method to interact with them. However, as they got rich, I got rich. I got myself into plenty of VC groups, and soon my entire circle of friends and those I talked to became one and the same.

The Anon

Crypto could crash to its doom

The size of the Telegram messages collected totaled 137.21GB. The excerpts shall be released in several batches in the coming weeks, according to the tweets.

On June 15th and 30th, the Anon intends to release an excerpt of messages from crypto influencers, with 800 followers to as many as 1M followers, conveying racism, homophobia, adultery, and sexual assault of public individuals and members on crypto communities. It will also expose top crypto influencers on Twitter involved in rug pulls and scams between Dec 2019 – Feb 2022, including those involved in killing and stealing cryptocurrency from individuals. 

The tweets claimed that creators of projects with coins in the top 200 market capitalization, from yield-farming projects to stablecoins, designed their platforms to siphon funds from users and that many influencers had a weird obsession with adultery and gifting their ex-girlfriends with millions of dollars to win them back. 

The entire file and password will be released to the public on July 7th in a specified cryptocurrency wallet. 

But, how true?

The veracity of the claims spurred in the tweets is yet to be confirmed and may not be true. However, such information is capable of wrecking panic and havoc in the cryptocurrency market if eventually proven to be facts.

The motive for revealing such information was conveyed on a surface level. The Anon revealed he is “dying from an illness” and wants to come clean before he leaves, despite being fully aware that there will be confusion, sadness, anger, and frustration. “I am intrigued to see what happens next, but I let everyone else decide how to proceed forward.”

Meanwhile, there are mixed speculations that the files might possibly be a trap for cryptocurrency users. While responding to the development, Telegram told The Block that “the post has all the hallmarks of a hoax and is likely to make gullible people download that steals your private keys.” 

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam is an optimistic crypto journalist. Five years from now, he sees himself establishing a unique crypto media outlet that will breach the gap between the crypto world and the general public. He loves to associate with like-minded individuals and collaborate with them on similar projects. He spends much of his time honing his writing and critical thinking skills.

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