How Can an AI Startup Help You Ask Better Questions? CogBias AI Has the Solution


  • CogBias AI, an innovative AI startup in Atlanta, aims to revolutionize the startup landscape by addressing the crucial issue of asking the right questions.
  • The founders, Toly Shilman and Matthew Burris, identify confirmation bias as a major hurdle for startups, leading them to create QuDisc (Question Discovery) as a tool to eliminate biases in questioning.
  • QuDisc acts as a “copilot” for teams, detecting various biases in questions, providing suggestions for rephrasing, and ultimately guiding founders and teams towards their “product truth” faster.

In the tumultuous world of startups, success often hinges on asking the right questions. Atlanta-based AI startup, CogBias AI, has stepped into the arena with a mission to tackle one of the fundamental reasons for startup failures—asking the wrong questions. Co-founded by entrepreneurs Toly Shilman and Matthew Burris, CogBias AI introduces QuDisc, a groundbreaking tool designed to uncover and eliminate biases in questions. 

By addressing confirmation bias head-on, the startup aims to reshape the way founders interact with customers, make decisions, and ultimately find success. In a landscape where the survival of startups is often determined by the precision of their questions, CogBias AI strives to be the guiding force for entrepreneurs navigating the challenging terrain of decision-making and customer interactions.

QuDisc — Eliminating biases in startup questions

The crux of CogBias AI’s solution lies in QuDisc, the startup’s first tool. This AI-powered platform serves as a vigilant companion for teams, dissecting questions to identify and mitigate various biases, ranging from confirmation bias to desirability bias. Acting as a copilot, QuDisc provides actionable insights by suggesting rephrasing options that reduce different forms of bias. 

The tool’s impact extends beyond the initial question phase—it assists in analyzing responses, offering valuable insights into how biases may have influenced different answers. While QuDisc doesn’t eliminate bias entirely, it guides human bias in a direction conducive to sound decision-making, particularly crucial in product development, hiring processes, and product research.

Traversing the bias landscape in startup queries

Traversing the intricate landscape of bias within business inquiries proves to be a formidable task, and QuDisc positions itself as the guiding beacon for burgeoning startups. Throughout its beta phase, the tool has not only demonstrated its adaptability but has also proven its efficacy. Venture capitalists have leveraged QuDisc to meticulously examine investment theses, uncovering potentially bias-inducing phrases. 

A venture studio has employed the tool to evaluate the robustness of investment memos, ensuring the absence of logical flaws in the presented arguments. Even media outlets, exemplified by Hypepotamus, have subjected QuDisc to rigorous testing, probing into how commonplace interview questions might unintentionally influence founder responses. As QuDisc continues its evolutionary journey, the discernible impact it imparts on refining business interactions and bolstering decision-making processes becomes increasingly pronounced.

Paving the future path for startups with bias-free questioning

As CogBias AI strides into the startup arena with QuDisc, the fundamental question arises: Can precision in questioning be the key to unlocking the potential of startups? The founders, Toly Shilman and Matthew Burris, believe so, asserting that eliminating biases in questions is the catalyst for better decision-making and successful product development. 

As the startup community embraces this innovative tool, the journey towards asking better questions becomes not just a pursuit but a necessity in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurial endeavors. How will this transformative approach reshape the trajectory of startups, and what insights will emerge as the startup community embraces the era of bias-free questioning? The answers lie in the ongoing evolution of CogBias AI and its commitment to revolutionizing the way startups navigate the challenging terrain of questioning.

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