AI Revolutionizes Marketing and Advertising: Insights from AI Connect Event


  •  AI is revolutionizing marketing & advertising, as showcased at the AI Connect event in Dublin.
  • Google’s AI platform, Gemini, highlights the future of industry innovation.
  • The Digital Creative Industries Roadmap aims to boost Irish creative services globally with AI.

The advertising and marketing sectors are witnessing a pivotal shift towards artificial intelligence (AI), a transformation underscored at the recent AI Connect event hosted at Google HQ in Dublin. The event, a collaboration between the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), Google, and Enterprise Ireland, brought together over 300 professionals to explore the impact of AI on their industries.

Keynote highlights and industry perspectives

David Sneddon, Vice President of Google EMEA, in his keynote address, emphasized the profound effects of AI advancements on marketing and advertising. He shed light on Google’s AI platform, Gemini, and its significance for industry professionals. “We are thrilled to see the Irish marketing and advertising community embracing Google AI with such enthusiasm,” Sneddon remarked, highlighting the event’s role in fostering innovation and collaboration.

The event also featured a panel of industry experts, including Nathan Reilly, CEO of Tiny Ark; Mary Doherty, Managing Director of Red Dog; Richard Carr, Managing Director of Accenture Song – Ireland Lead; Conor O’Donovan, Head of Global Marketing Communications and Commercial Creative Sector, Enterprise Ireland; Jane McDaid, Founder & Head of Creative Innovation, THINKHOUSE; and Pat Stephenson, Founder of Boys+Girls. Their discussions provided invaluable insights into the integration of AI within their respective fields, illustrating the technology’s capacity to drive the industry forward.

The digital creative industries roadmap and AI adoption

AI Connect also served as the launchpad for Enterprise Ireland’s Digital Creative Industries Roadmap 2024-2026, signaling a robust commitment to supporting the marketing, design, events, and advertising sector. This initiative aims to bolster the international presence of Irish creative services companies while enhancing their sustainability and technological capabilities, including AI adoption.

Conor O’Donovan of Enterprise Ireland expressed enthusiasm for the roadmap, stating, “This event marks the start of our ongoing commitment to support the sector, which contributes significantly to the Irish economy through high-quality employment and exports.” The partnership with IAPI and Google is a strategic move towards this goal, providing a shared plan to embrace AI technology.

The event underscored the industry’s readiness to adopt AI, with Abi Moran, CEO of Folk VML, noting, “69% of industry colleagues are using AI at least once a week. I have no doubt that this shift will only be accelerated by what we all experienced at AI Connect.” This sentiment reflects a broader trend within the industry towards embracing new technologies to stay ahead of consumer expectations and behavior.

The future of AI in marketing and advertising

The positive reception of AI Connect and the enthusiasm for AI adoption among marketing and advertising professionals highlight a dynamic shift towards digital innovation. Charley Stoney, CEO of IAPI, expressed gratitude towards Google for co-hosting the event and optimism about leveraging the Digital Creative Services Roadmap with Enterprise Ireland to support IAPI members’ growth and success.

As the marketing and advertising sectors continue to evolve, the integration of AI stands as a testament to the industry’s agile and innovative mindset. The successful collaboration between IAPI, Google, and Enterprise Ireland at the AI Connect event not only showcases the potential of AI in transforming these industries but also sets the stage for future advancements that will shape the landscape of digital marketing and advertising in Ireland and beyond.

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